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Keeping fit on Lake Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
benessere in riva al lago di garda
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Keeping fit, warming up, call it as you want to, but spring also means taking care of yourself with some good food and sport! And where getting in shape everywhere else than on Lake Garda Trentino?

Remise en forme, a French expression meaning “keeping fit”. The meaning was pretty easy to understand, but this expression, that wants to convey the message of keeping fit thanks to some physical activities, is even more interesting in this upcoming season: it’s spring!

Keeping fit on Lake Garda isn’t admittedly so difficult. The biggest body of fresh water in Italy gives off more than only one methods to warm up after a long winter and to get in shape for the summer.

Keeping fit on Lake Garda Trentino Outdoor

Warming up for everybody, only a few steps from the lake

How warming up? Spring in Garda Trentino is a blaze of colours, perfumes and landscapes transformed by the snow that is slowly giving its place to flowers and lush vegetation.

Together with the nature awakening is also imperative… warming up! Practicing some yoga, pilates, running in the open air, maybe on the beach or, for the idlers, spending some time in one of the multifarious local wellness centers, to get your fill of stamina!

There is a huge number of activities you could do in Garda Trentino that can help you getting in shape after the Christmas holidays and the winter laziness.

An active holiday is waiting for you with some warming-up exercises, stretching and yoga to kick off the day with lots of energy: surrounded by a relaxing atmosphere or on the lakeshore, you will shake off the daily stress and the strain.

Choosing the accommodation can also pair with well-being! There are lots of accommodation opportunities in Garda Trentino offering sport and detoxing activities to get a new shape! We have them as well! Garda Trentino is a real “cradle of well-being“. In the numerous accommodation facilities equipped with wellness centers you could plan your full remise en forme, being it physical, mental and energetic!


Foto @Carlo Baroni

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