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Ivana discovering Lake Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Ivana Perkovic, a famous travel vlogger has come here to find out the magnificient beauty of Garda Trentino.

The day starts with a blogger in her spare time (that’s me), and a super busy and famous travel vlogger/youtuber, the first one who has dared to jump into the funny staged hiking adventure in Garda Trentino: Ivana Perkovic.

This is the first time that this type of communication is experienced here in Garda Trentino, and we are deadly curious to see the results!

The meeting point is in the fairy-tale historical city centre of Arco, where everything calls to mind an amazing Habsburg past that lives in every glimpse.

While sitting at a table sipping a very Italian cappuccino, Ivana welcomes me with a fabulous smile and not even so tired for the heavy backpack she has been wearing up to now! The affinity is immediate, and we both understand we share the passion for yoga, the Ayurveda medicine, and India, and we only take a moment to realise that another love brings us together: Garda Trentino!

Ivana admits she fell in love with it immediately, on the first trail. The vlogger has in fact been welcomed to our territory to jump into the discovery of the Garda Trek project, three round hiking itineraries that can be treaded on different legs, of which Ivana took on a part.


Bright smile and gazzelle-like legs, the youtuber doesn’t fear the strain. Her itinerary starts off with a combination of medium and low loop and 5 hours hiking towards San Pietro, close to magnificent Lake Tenno. A real “balcony” overlooking Lake Garda.

The second day took Ivana from San Pietro to Ceniga (Dro) through grazing lands and fabulous glimpses on Garda Trentino and the Sarca Valley, covering in this way the Garda Trek Medium Loop.

On the third day we finally met. Ivana walked from Ceniga towards Arco downtown, and from there we two together reached Bolognano (one of Arco’s districts). Here, Ivana had her accommodation and we also recorded a funny video!

On the last day, our vlogger was the protagonist of one of the greatest trails in Garda Trentino: the Busatte-Tempesta! A magnificent itinerary that offers a breathtaking view from its 400 steps! Ivana got mesmerised and took a lot of pictures, capturing her hiking trail with some great poses and… creating some cheerful and funny videos, as she is!

Our long chat is about different topics: her private life (her Yugoslav roots and her life in the Netherlands), her extreme enthusiasm for traveling that has helped her becoming a vlogger (that means video-blogger, a term that may make some inexperienced people smile), and last but not least the itineraries that has made Ivana discover the Garda Trentino area she feel in love with.


The views of a light-blue lake and the trails that restore both mind and soul will stay in Ivana’s heart forever and ever; in mine, the tenderness of a girl who follows her dream to find out some amazing places, like Garda Trentino, with perseverance and enthusiasm.

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