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Into the wild: the waterfalls of Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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With a raincoat and a backpack on, go and discover the waterfalls of Garda Trentino! We suggest you three stunning ones, because when you catch sight of a waterfall, the emotions pervade you. Feel it on your skin, thousands of tiny water particles will amaze you!

Waterfalls. Real jewels that are often hidden and not so easy to be reached. Wherever they are, they are always awesome.

At Garda Trentino there are wonderful waterfalls! Besides the famous Cascate del Varone – amazing waterfalls that fall down to a gorge – that everybody can reach and see thanks to the equipped park with little bridges, balustrades and hairpin stairs, there are many other waterfalls you can discover. Watch carefully, they are hidden… at a first glance

Come on, let’s go and find them out. The waterfalls of Garda Trentino will amaze you!

Here are three not to be missed. Take note.

  • Ponale Waterfall. The Road of Ponale is one of the most loved and famous roads of the world. You can cover it by foot or by bike and enjoy the incredible panorama – did you know it has a known and a hidden secret? Once got at the Ponale Alto, you can have a break and enjoy the view of a little waterfall. Anyway, there is a bigger but unknown one, the Ponale waterfall.One of the most hidden and wildest places of Garda Trentino. A rare beauty. It can be reached from the lake only, that’s why only a few lucky people know it. So, rent a kayak or a sup – better in the morning when the water is flat or just a bit ruffled – or book a boat trip! There are many Sport Academies where you can rent kayaks and sup or a speedboat trip! The roar of this waterfall is astonishing!
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  • Ert Waterfall. The equipped path “del Berghem -Claudio Fedrizzi” starts from (north of Riva del Garda) and goes to Valle dell’Albola. After an equipped stretch – if you suffer from vertigo, take the other path that starts before the little bridge – you will reach the spectacular cascata dell’Ert. Actually, even before getting there you will see some little waterfalls that make this path unique! The fabulous cascata dell’Ert is 30 metres high and, although the path is fatiguing and lasts about 2 hours and a half, when you get there you will be speechless. After admiring the waterfall, you can keep walking to the archaeological digs of San Martino. From there, you can walk back to Riva from Campi and take the sentiero della Pinza. Otherwise, you can walk to Malga Grassi and to the mountain hut Nino Pernici.
  • Rio Sallagoni. In Drena, close to the magnificent Castel Drena. The water stream carved a deep and narrow gorge dominated Castel Drena. In this suggestive and thrilling canyon, the landscape is unique. And if you are well-equipped, you can even try the via ferrata from the gorge to an amazing place. You will know! Here, the waterfalls and the luxuriant vegetation give life to a special and silent habitat – the only noise here is the pounding water. The nature you will find along this route will restore you. Confide in a Sport Academy to climb this via ferrata as you must be well-prepared and equipped to face it. Thanks to these expert guides, you can live an exciting experience. You, nature and waterfall. What else?

These are “hidden” and unknown waterfalls of Garda Trentino, but the most surprising and stimulating thing is to go to the discovery of these superb expressions of nature. To venture and dive into the wild and discover new ones, because all these beauties represent the power of the nature of Garda Trentino, that is packed with breath-taking corners.

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