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Hiking & Tasting: step by step along the Low Loop, the Garda Trek Corona Bassa, discovering the local flavours

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Its name is Low Loop and it is the Garda Trentino Corona Bassa, a unique project for the hiking (and not only) lovers, discovering the natural beauties all over Garda Trentino. Living it step by step, with some tasty breaks in the best Garda Trentino restaurants.

Saying Garda Trek means saying nature. This is how we could summarise one of the best projects dedicated to outdoor sports. The result is the fruit of Garda Trentino’s incomparable vocation to the environment, its protection and respect.

The opening dates back to more than one year ago (on the 9th April 2017 with Rifugio San Pietro as its backdrop) and Garda Trek, the Corona del Garda Trentino is currently attesting to a project that adds value to the unique landscape of the northernmost part of Lake Garda.

The project is organised through three different circular treks with increasing levels: the first two on the valley floor and the other half-ridge, the third between ground and sky. More specifically, the Corona Bassa – Low Loop” (see here the stages and download the GPX) progresses on 30 kilometers, with 900 meters of elevation gain and 2 stages (Riva del Garda-Arco; Arco-Riva del Garda).  

Hiking absorbs more and more, and the Garda Trek project is the vivid sign! But, after all that strain, a tasty reward is imperative, isn’t it? Precisely for this reason we are here suggesting you some tasty stops to taste the territory in two different ways: with the eyes…. and your mouth!

Hiking and tasting flavours, discovering the local beauties and delicacies.

The Garda Trek Corona Bassa is organised in two legs. The first is a perfect hiking itinerary to enjoy the unspoilt Garda Trentino nature as much as its symbols: the castle of Arco, the Bastione in Riva, the San Lorenzo church in Tenno!

While the second stage leads to Riva del Garda, touching Nago and Torbole, then following the lakefront to the starting point of the route, exploring the entire eastern side of Garda Trentino. This medium-level circuit allows you to meet some restaurants on your way there.

Let’s start from Riva del Garda. Here it is impossible not to choose among the culinary suggestions, and we would like to remind you these tasty breaks:

If you are in Arco, we would rather suggest a break here:

  • Ristorante Alla Lega: in downtown Arco, since 1956!

  • Ai Conti. Restaurant and bar, a real piece of Arco history!

  • Il Ritratto. Tiny, intimate and refined!

  • Olivo. Inside the hotel of the same name, a friendly and cozy restaurant.

And last but not least in Tenno, that’s worth a stop:

It is right and proper to underline that, once you have checked the weather, it is important to experience this path with the right hiking equipment, as well as with the desire and the curiosity to discover the Altogarda area with a focus on safety, and the mouth ready to taste its real essence!

And, if you are overtaken by the irresistible passion for social media together with the desire to go hiking, don’t forget to capture the unique views you can enjoy from the Garda Trek Corona Bassa and share your pics using the #gardatrentino hashtag!

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