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Hiking Route Santa Lucia Torbole Lake Garda

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
Percorso S.Lucia Lago di Garda Trentino
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The smell of the olive trees, the birds singing, the rustle of the wind touching your skin. You are crossing the Santa Lucia trail! One of the most exciting strolls you can experience among the manyfold tracks suggested in our leaflet for families; if you want to, you can read it for free and bring it with you to fully breath the atmosphere of this unique area. This trail was the ancient communication route between Lake Garda and the Adige Valley. The history of this wild dale among the overhanging Penede rocks and the Brae ridge (quoted from the book Torbole Nago by F. Martinelli) is fascinating: for centuries, it was the main connection between Lake Garda and Nago. It takes its name from a small niche in Roman Empire style dedicated to the saint from Syracuse. A bronze tablet remembers the story connected to this place: the brave feat carried out by the Venetians led by Sorbolo da Candia in 1439. Once up the Adige River in Ravazzone, they made huge galleys and many boats come down the uneven path until Torbole, where they were put into the water, launched and used in the famous Ponale battle.

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This trail, winding through an olive grove, is perfectly considered “family-proof”; it can in fact be listed among the best hiking itineraries for mum, dad and kids! (actually, to me it is also very romantic… remember it, loving couples!) Thanks to this easy and panoramic stroll, children can learn, love and be astonished by Mother Nature’s work. As real masterpieces, twisted hollowed and punched olive trees smell of nature,but also of history: big personalities from the past have walked here: from Saint Vigilius of Trento to kings and emperors. But if you think there are tourist businesses and it is possible to buy souvenirs here around, you are wrong! The one and only gift is the one Mother Nature makes us in this relaxing and silent place, overflowing with history and beauty. Here you can breath the real Garda Trentino, the soul of a place in peace with the past and with a closer look to the future. With Saint Lucy’s blessing!

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