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Hiking and snowshoes: when the snow makes the outdoor sport even more magical

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
Trekking e ciaspole sul lago di garda
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Going hiking and snowshoeing in the open air surrounded the magic of the Dama Bianca, which turns the Garda Trentino landscapes more and more magical!

A blanket of white snow turned the Garda Trentino peaks white, giving them a unique appeal. The winter sun lightens them up with all their splendour and so… why not organising a wonderful outdoor day between hiking and snowshoes?

Happy with the snowshoes

Not only the amazing beauty of the surrounding nature, wild and imperious. Walking with the snowshoes amid the woods has some advantages for body, mind and soul!

Practicing outdoor sports improves the spirit, in addition to burning off lots of calories (after the Christmas feasts it is imperative!). What if we add the happiness to wear the snowshoes and to walk cheerfully on the fresh snow without sinking to some good walking?

Hiking and snowshoes, what a perfect match! Here in Garda Trentino there are tons of chances to practice both activities on the same excursion! Once on the peak, some very panoramic paths offer cosy huts where it is possible to refresh after a hard walk!

Would you like some suggestions?

Panoramic huts after the snowshoeing

What about Monte Altissimo?This peak isn’t too difficult to reach, and gives you one of the most astounding view ever thanks to its balcony on Lake Garda. To get there you could combine some sustained hiking and some good snowshoeing towards the peak. Once there, the hut (named after the martyr Damiano Chiesa) will be able to refresh you at its best!

Another worth-noting mount for a strong winter outdoor activity is Monte Stivo, at whose peak the Rifugio Marchetti is located. The path is widely known among the snowshoe lovers, and the effort in ascending is surely paid back by the breathtaking 360-degree view that includes the Gruppo di Brenta in addition to the wonderful glance on Lake Garda, here in all its splendour!

Hiking and snowshoes: when the snow makes the outdoor sport even more magical Outdoor Winter

Another amazing excursion waiting for you halfway between hiking and snowshoes is the one to Rifugio Pernici.

The Rifugio Pernici is located in the mountains over Lake Garda and Ledro Valley, in a wonderful panoramic position at 1600 mt above sea level. Easily reachable from different paths, it offers some typical food to get your fill after hiking! The paths from there will lead you to discover amazing mountains that express their best in winter when covered in snow!

For those of you who look for an excursion which is little demanding but extremely panoramic, we suggest you the trek to Rifugio S. Pietro in Tenno. If snowshoes aren’t needed, it will be anyway possible to go on a romantic moonlight excursion, emotionally overlooking Riva del Garda.

Snowshoeing is as easy as walking! For this reason, everybody can practice it. To let you embrace by the winter splendor, that is able to give off sunny days to enjoy in the open air, well equipped and with the only “risk” of falling in love with Garda Trentino even more!

Before embarking on a great day between hiking and snowshoes it is better to check the opening of the huts on the website or on the social networks. In this way, you’ll be sure you could enjoy a not-to-be-missed match: outdoor sport and taste at high altitude!

Rifugio Damiano Chiesa – https://rifugioaltissimoda.wixsite.com/homepage –+39 391 3839019

Rifugio Marchetti – http://rifugiostivo.it/ –+39 349 338 0173

Rifugio Nino Pernici – http://www.pernici.com/ –+39 349 3301981

Rifugio S.Pietro – http://www.rifugiosanpietro.eu – +39 349 5240427

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