Do you remember when you were kids and had fun organising treasure hunts? The treasure used to be a toy or something you couldn’t wait to have. But actually, the treasure, or better the treasures are before our eyes and they don’t even lie hidden!

As for the beauties to find out, Garda Trentino is well stocked! Glimpses to take your breath away, panoramic views that will make you feel part of the beauty around you, places full of magic, historic moments that seem to recall a past time that lives again each time we admire its signs.

Hidden Treasures are 21 itineraries, 21 suggestions we recommend you around Garda Trentino to find out what is often under our nose but for many reasons we don’t catch, experience and appreciate as much as we would like to.

Consequently, the “subject” of each treasure becomes the guiding light that will lead you in search of literary lulus as in the tour Con Goethe a Torbole (to Torbole with Goethe), the Rilke Promenade or the Dürer Promenade, or rather places full of history as La via al castello (di Drena) (Road to Drena Castle), and the I forti del Monte Brione (Mount Brione forts) tour. Here, everything deals with the Great War: the medieval roots of tours like Lake Tenno or the Medieval Hamlets, the strolls to discover the unspoiled nature. On the background, it’s always there with its wonderfully blue color: Lake Garda!

We are about to suggest you a top-5 list, five itineraries you will deeply love and that will push you… to find out the other sixteen!

Let’s start from the most “challenging”.

  1. Itinerary The Teacher’s Trail is the path that at the beginning of the twentieth century Miss Ketty Bombardelli walked every morning to reach the school building where she worked. A demanding walk around Dro that is also a cheerful sign of the people who lived this harsh place with self-denial and dedication to their work.

  2. From the most challenging to one of the easiest tours: thanks to the Itinerary With Goethe in Torbole you will get to know the two villages of Nago-Torbole (which are actually the same municipality) following the traces which were so dear to the great poet. During his long voyage to Italy, he fell madly in love with Lake Garda and once in Torbole he immediately noted down: “I desperately want to have my friends with me to enjoy such a beautiful landscape!”

  3. Itinerary The Forts of Mount Brione: here, everything calls to mind the Great War and the consequent necessity to defend yourself against the invaders. Walking up to Mount Brione you will enjoy a breathtaking view on Lake Garda and the emotion you will get could be found in each fort stone you’ll visit. The path is quite demanding but the view is worth the effort.

    Hidden Treasures around Lake Garda Trentino Culture

  4. Itinerary Lake Tenno and the Medieval Villages , the fascination of the Middle Age along an easy trail on the look out for an historic period that has left wonderful signs to be discovered, as the Torre Apponale in Riva del Garda.

  5. Itinerary The Secrets of the River. As the last top-5 tour, here we are with a nice and easy stroll along the shores of the Sarca River between Arco e Ceniga. On foot or by bike, on this path you will experience an intimate connection with the surrounding nature, and admire the San Paolo hermitage, the Roman bridge and centuries-old olive trees, filling your gaze with the Mediterranean scrub.

Arco, Riva del Garda, Nago-Torbole, Tenno, Dro, Drena. Choose the place you would like to live at its fullest, and let yourself be guided by these little suggestions in search of those itineraries that, despite being hidden, are full of emotions.

And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

(Roald Dahl)