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Di gusto in gusto: the village of typical flavours

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
the Villaggio del Gusto: the village of typical flavours
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There are some big news for every gourmand starting this year: the Villaggio del Gusto, a not-to-be-missed food and drink Christmas tour in Riva del Garda!

You have a fabulous opportunity till 8 January 2017. Tasting many typical Alto Garda delicacies with both eyes and palate. Where? At “Di gusto in gusto” in Riva del Garda.

No “fusion style”, as English are used to say. Only typicality. Because a territory should be protected and enhanced, and what better time than Christmas?


This period is synonym for traditions more than any other, and walking around downtown Riva del Garda the perfumes and flavours you meet are regular here, in Garda Trentino.

In each of the 23 stalls (all finely decorated with warm lights that set the mood in the fabulous Lake Garda setting) you could taste (or rather bring back home as to have the dinner ready without going crazy in the kitchen!) a dish prepared by skillful hands with excellent local raw materials.

Di gusto in gusto: the village of typical flavours Food and wine

What’s more, at weekends you could also drink some sparkling wine together with these delicacies. But some DOC ones, around the Percorso del gusto Trentodoc itinerary. A proper “tasting combo” composed of four dishes to be chosen among the 23 suggestions and two glasses of Trentodoc wine.

Who is able to choose when the suggestions are so tasty? I don’t even try, and indulge myself with some four 100% Trentino dishes. Closing my eyes it seems like hearing my granny’s voice calling me for lunch.

Molche bread, carne salada, salmon trout, extra virgin olive oil must, the Torbole green broccoli, the Dro plums, a lot of delectable food reinterpreted by the chefs in appealing variants.

And Riva del Garda is infused with that “good” smell.

Producers, restauranteurs and Trentodoc really committed to make us hungry!

I take a break to taste some fried sardines on the bench lakefront, where sometimes I stop to take some pictures to the breathtaking view from Piazza Garibaldi. It’s bitter cold, but somehow I feel it less while eating the fried lake sardines. A Trentodoc wine goblet and I’m ready to taste the second dish. This was just an appetizer!

I am already here, are you catching up with me? You have time until 8 January but after all, why waiting? Christmas is here!

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