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Going windsurfing on Lake Garda Trentino: the place where champions are born

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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In Garda Trentino there are a lot of windsurfing schools where you can attend some great courses suitable for everyone, from novices to agonists. Some targeted courses for every age, both adults and kids. Are you ready to become a real champion like Nicolò Renna?

Windsurfing keeps on being the best sport to live both the “water” and the “wind” very closely, even closer than sailing on a boat. In Garda Trentino, which is always the iconic land for this sport, the wind rules the roost: the Peler (a northern wind that blows in the early morning) and the Ora wind (a southern wind that blows in the afternoon) are the two “landlords” here. If you would like to have some further information Thanks to these winds, practicing windsurfing is really suitable for everybody, both beginners and experts. Mainly Riva del Garda, but also Torbole sul Garda are among the most renowned spots all over to “sail downwind“. This is also thanks to the manifold top notch schools and equipment rentals that cinch professionalism, safety and fun for everyone! Every year here some big international events draw the attention of both enthusiasts and surfers from all over the world. And that’s here exactly, the windsurfing region par excellence, where great champions like Nicolò Renna grow up! (by the way, have a look here), our young champion has been interviewed for Rai Gulp TV channet!).


Going windsurfing on Lake Garda Trentino: the place where champions are born Outdoor

The Circolo Surf Torbole has recently turned 40, and in the best way possible with a a wealth of achievements from the events it holds every year and its athletes’ attainments. Among the others, a boy who has followed his father’s footsteps, Nicolò Renna, Vasco’s son, bronze medal at the last youth world championships in France and about to get ready for the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires next October. An achievement reached after the excellent seasonal results, but not only. Nicolò, who is only 17, is a champion born, bred and buttered on Lake Garda! Torbole and Riva del Garda are in fact a real hotbed of prodigies. On Lake Garda the wind is (almost) always there, this precious feature making it possible the daily training. The mild Mediterranean climate allows to happily surf almost all year round, even if the best period is undoubtedly from April to October.

There are lots of schools  to make some little big champions like Nicolò grow. Here you will meet qualified instructors who will help and guide you to discover a sport that finds its top expression in Garda Trentino. Where three necessary elements for windsurfing (sun, water and wind) are the landlords, and where a sport holiday in the spirit of windsurfing will appear the most natural choice you could ever make. Our ambassador and already prominent champion Bruno Martini has spoken!

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