Bruno Martini, the ambassador of Garda Trentino

“Every day, if possible, I train on Lake Garda. I like it, when I see the lake getting covered with white curls while I’m sitting down at Circolo Surf Torbole; my heart blows up, and I am ready to glide through the water.”

Bruno Martini shows up in this way (going to windsurfing classes with Ita160) when he speaks about his love for windsurfing and Lake Garda. A down-to-earth but really determined guy with a winning attitude. Born in 1993, deep blue eyes, he has been practising this sport since he was 8, and he is among the youngest Pro slalom professional windsurfers.

“In Garda Trentino I have been able to train when it wouldn’t have been possible in other places all over Italy. From March to November my training sessions were guaranteed by a microclimate which is unique all over the world and is perfect for this sport!”

Lake Garda Trentino and its wind

Lake Garda Trentino has always been the windsurfer kingdom. Both enthusiasts and champions choose these waters to train, do regattas and have fun thanks to the winds that enable them to surf from 6 in the morning to dusk. It’s at that time that the Garda Trentino waters turns blue and reflect the sunbeams before they make way for the moon.

Every year, lots of high-level regattas and world championships are organised in this area, which is naturally suited for this sport.

Many champions, but mainly amateurs, started to windsurf precisely at the Circolo Surf Torbole, bringing with them the enthusiasm they have been having for this sport since their childhood. And every year, those who aren’t lucky enough to live here, come to our lake to answer the wave and wind call, to improve their technique, go beyond their limits or just live a unique emotion at every session.

Going to windsurfing classes with Bruno Martini, the Ambassador of Garda Trentino! Events

Bruno Martini Camp 2017

From the 31st of August to the 3rd of September 2017, Bruno Martini will be your windsurfing teacher. He will explain you how to improve your technique, make your surfing more efficient, and also all the tricks to quell both waves and winds of Lake Garda.

Don’t miss the chance to find out the Pro slalom professional windsurfer‘s secrets, go and sign up to this three-day event together with Bruno Martini, switching between theory and practice.

Are you ready to challenge yourself and your limits, and to live the thrill of windsurfing with a real champion?