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Getting married on lake garda: a lifelong emotion

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Garda Trentino turns white to celebrate the wedding day on some amazing premises

Let’s imagine to be in a romantic place that has been inspiring poets, painters and celebrated characters from the past over the centuries. What if this place was the one of your wedding day? Lots of dreams that come true all in one: getting married in Garda Trentino. That’s no more a dream, it’s real! The best day of your life can now take place in three different fabulous locations in Arco, Torbole and Drena, where history, tradition and culture intertwine to become the enchanted setting of your wedding! Elegant and winding cypresses surround the castle of Arco. Together with the Casino and the Palazzo Giuliani-Marcabruni, it is one of the evocative locations offered by the Wedding in Arco project, the most romantic project ever!

In Torbole there are two special locations: Castel Penede and Forte Alto. Two places rich in history, wonderfully overlooking Lake Garda (when the sky is clear it almost seems to get lost into infinity, what is more romantic?!).

Getting married on lake garda: a lifelong emotion Tips

In Drena, it will be possible to get married with a medieval taste, for all the ladies and lords of the past! Let’s get equipped with spears and shields to protect from the incredible beauty of a fabulous location! A well-preserved castle overlooking the lush valley.

These three evocative places offer three different ways to conceive the wedding day with a unifying leitmotiv: giving away the emotion of living a fairytale on the most beautiful day of your life.

And you won’t be alone! If you decide to get married in Garda Trentino, some experts will support you building up your fairytale, as they were your… guardian angels!

Whether you are bride and groom with a ring on the ring finger or not, the most important thing is being it in your heart. And all that goes with it will be arranged by Garda Trentino, giving the emotion of spending the most beautiful day of your life in one of the most beautiful places all over the world. Take Cupid’s word for it!

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