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Garda Trentino on two wheels. The course we suggest

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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The bike is the faithful mate in many adventures. Here at Garda Trentino the bike is the queen. By bike, everything looks different and your holiday becomes a dynamic and stress-free one.

You won’t believe me: the autumn is the best season to go cycling at Garda Trentino. Even in winter – that here is mild – and in summer too!

The reason?

In the North side of Lake Garda the climate is Mediterranean 365 days a year. Centuries-old olive groves, ancient hamlets, typical products. Here, even if we are at the northern side of Lake Garda, the climate is Mediterranean all year round, so you can go cycling without freezing.

In just 15 km of radius, you can ride towards Riva del Garda, Torbole or Arco, the medieval hamlet Canale di Tenno, ancient strongholds and castles and discover centuries-old groves, sip top-quality wines or the extra-virgin olive oil produced in the most northern part of the world, beyond the 46th parallel.

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The bike or the e-bike, the mountain bike, the city bike or the rented bike to explore Garda Trentino on two wheels, a place to be loved!

OK, ready to start! Everything is checked, you have got water and snacks with you, you are wearing the most proper clothing and you feel enthusiastic. It’s time to go.

At Garda Trentino there are many courses and cycle lanes.

We want to suggest you an easy course. Come and discover Garda Trentino by bike.


Leave from Arco, ride along the Climbing Stadium, then go northward to Eremo di San Paolo until you reach the Roman bridge of Ceniga di Dro.

Carry on towards Maso Lizzone along the path Campagnola surrounded with vineyards. Ride towards Dro on the cycle lane.

You will pass the beautiful Centrale of Fies, one of the most important proof of the industrial archaeology in Trentino. Then go to Pietramurata along the river Sarca. It is time to ride back but on a different road which crosses the famous Marocche. A marvellous biotope that is the moon alike!

On your left, a huge castle. The castle of Drena! A typically medieval grim castle on the top of a cliff. It overlooks both Arco and Valle del Sarca. Back on the bike, now!

After Dro, ride along the river and you find a small but beautiful beach, Moletta. Then ride back to Arco.

This is the end of the course (but give a look at this variant through the amazing orchard of Dro!)

In autumn the bike is a fantastic adventure mate and we are sure that Garda Trentino will get a new unforgettable look.

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