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Garda Trentino Now! The Garda Trentino marketplace

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
Garda Trentino Now
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4 o’clock in the afternoon. July. I cant stand it more, so I decide on purchasing a face and body beauty ritual and a lake view tasting dinner. The overwhelming desire to feel made-in-Trentino cuddles on my skin, and to enjoy the amazing landscape of the biggest lake in Italy, tasting local delicacies, is getting more and more burning. With the help of my smartphone I start looking up thousand indistinct offers on the net. But we are women, and we want it all at once, or better, now!

Its precisely at that time that I find out a not-to-be-missed app for those who are into specific tailor-made purchases, just like me: Garda Trentino Now! The Garda Trentino marketplace. A useful means, accessible from every mobile device connected to the Internet, a real tool to live the territory to the fullest. Everything is possible thanks to a technology that allows you to live the presentin the future! This Garda Trentino platform, brand new in the tourism industry, allows you to buy, book and get discounts while grasping the userstastes in order to offer tailor-made activities and much more.

Garda Trentino Now! The Garda Trentino marketplace Tips

The global shop NOW is a project blossomed from Garda Trentino two years ago; it has been adopted by 108 partners and has been already clicked by more than one million visitors. It has never been so handful to live the magic od such a territory waiting to be discovered, tasted (have you already given a try to our delicacies?), breathed andlived! Garda Now drives the visitors hunting for news., activities, events, landmarks, shops, restaurants, and much more. Lets imagine it as a virtual chauffeur, always up with the news, that drives you but always following your bents, that suggests you what to see and buy (lets admit it ladies, we love shopping!), what courses are worth practicing (or have special offers, perhaps) or what guide is better to rely on to cover and outdoor path safely and guided.

Garda Trentino Now is even more, an online shop you couldnt resist! And Im not only thinking about women! Lets have a look to that offer that most satisfies you, there are plenty of coupons and special offers andlaunch yourself with enthusiasm to discover a territory that will never stop making you daydream! Few easy steps: choose the voucher you would like, fill in with your personal details, make the payment. As for me, I have just booked a windsurfing trial lessonif Im lucky, maybe I could meet Bruno Martini (official testimonial for Garda Trentino, editors note).

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