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by Isabelle Yrma Pace
eventi sul lago di garda trentino
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One season after another, the Garda Trentino area offers an ample series of events for everyone which are difficult to resist! In other words, it is a… magic place! But you already knew that, didn’t you? And if it was also… enchanted? Close your eyes, and try to imagine yourself inside a… fairy tale! What character would you be? I admit, I have always identified myself with Belle, the main character of “the Beauty and the Beast” story! It’s not that my partners were so ugly (but they didn’t even turn into princes either, to be honest!), nor me so beautiful, but I really love the castle atmosphere and the idea that a monster could become the man of my dreams… isn’t that exciting? If you cherish fairy tales, just like me, you can’t miss out on a special unique event: Notte di Fiaba (Fairy tale night) in Riva del Garda! It is an event which symbolically brings the summer season to an end, but in a brilliant way! There are games, theater shows, music and, last but not least, the breath-taking firework display which lights up the enchanting (it has to be said) view of Garda Trentino! This year, we will experience the fairy tale from the 25th to the 28th of August 2016, and the chosen theme will be Aladdin! Are you ready to fly on the magic carpet? (I’m hoping for more than three wishes, my dear Genie!)

Garda Trentino Events Events

Actually, there are manyfold events that could tickle your fancy in Garda Trentino!

During the same period of the Notte di Fiaba, the most athletic and intrepid people will be smitten with the Rock Master Festival! A date not to be missed in the competitive panorama of world climbing! This engaging challenge to the peaks has been thrilling Arco for 30 years! This year, the Rock Master Festival will host the 30th edition of the traditional Rock Master (here, everybody is waiting for Adam Ondra, a super champion and new ambassador of the Garda Trentino district) which has been the most important world climbing competition of the disciplines Duel and KO Boulder ever since 1987.

From August, 26th to September, 4th everybody is welcome to Arco, the capital of world climbing , to admire the athletes and participate heart and soul in one of the most exciting sports in the world! As an alternative, for water-sport aficionados the Circolo Surf Torbole (one of the most important sailing centres in the area) will host the tenth edition of the BIC Techno 293 Youth World Championship, an international event which will crowd Garda Trentino with ten days of pathos and adrenaline, from the 23rd to the 30th of October.

And after all these efforts… let’s reward our body with a bit of tasting! At Garda con Gusto! 3 days entirely dedicated to the Garda Trentino food and wine with workshops, cooking displays, chefs and important guests! The exciting smell of local products, among all the carne salada, their unmistakable taste, and the beauty of those places that gave birth to these creations highlight this event, created only a year ago, but which has seduced both tourists ad citizens with a big audience participation. Where? In Riva del Garda, of course! When? In November 2016, from the 4th to the 6th.

After all these tasting itineraries, Christmas has come! I already start to smell mulled wine, I already see some snowed peaks (Mount Stivo, La Rocchetta, Mount Altissimo), and walking towards 3 Novembre Square I can catch sight of the first illuminated stalls. It’s really Christmas!

What is the best way to celebrate it? Visiting the Christmas market in Arco, which keeps on delighting and attracting thousands of tourists and local people every year! From this atmosphere we move to Canale di Tenno! An antique medieval hamlet where you can breath some kind of different “Christmas”, between scrambling alleys and local handicraft. And if the children fancy visiting Father Christmas’ house, why traveling up to Lapland? In Riva del Garda there is Santa’s House from the 4th to the 30th of December (here you have the link with full details). Culinary products, gifts made in Garda Trentino, guided tours in the historical city centre, nativity scenes’ exhibitions, rides on the Christmas train, music shows, concerts and much more! All this and much more is Christmas on the lake shores.

These are just some of the main events that fire Garda Trentino up, each of them giving you an emotion that will befriend you over the following years. Calendar at hand, mark these dates and… I will wait for you! Can’t you spot me? I am the one close to the Beast, even if I am sure it won’t turn into a prince, even this time!

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