GardaTrek is a new hiking project on Lake Garda including circular treks divided into stages, along the slopes and ridges of the mountains that surround the northern part of Benaco (the other name for Lake Garda).

Top Loop, the longest itinerary, has seven different stages, starting from Riva del Garda and reaching all the peaks and huts of the area. After a series of ups and downs, you will get to the highest peaks (over 2000 mt above sea level). You can’t definitely miss the grand finale: a 2000-meter jump on the Baldo cableway and a pleasant return on the deck of a boat that gets back to Riva crossing the lake. Definitely a good way to restore yourself after hiking.

GardaTrek, the Crown of Garda Trentino Garda Trek Outdoor

The other two itineraries, Medium Loop and Low Loop, run half-ridge and around the valley. They are shorter (four and two stages respectively) and less challenging as for technique and physical training, but you shouldn’t underestimate the emotions they can give you anyway.

Walking around the main GardaTrek circuit, the Top Loop, you won’t meet only breathtaking landscapes, multifarious surroundings and passages that challenge everybody’s hiking skills. You will also get to know some good stories about men, artifacts and nature: elements that describe this unique tiny corner of Trentino revealing its inner soul. Alessandro Cristofoletti, photographer and storyteller, has collected these precious fragments all along the itinerary and narrates them in first person by words and images.

Every week we will share a GardaTrek Top Loop segment with you through the stories it keeps. A journey rich in faces, emotions, down-to-earth people and great tasks.

The Crown of Garda Trentino – Let the show begin:

GardaTrek Top Loop

GardaTrek Medium Loop 

GardaTrek Low Loop