Running surrounded by nature, crossing unspoilt and panoramic paths, with the strain becoming your best travel companion rather than an enemy. A proper challenge that is even more compelling and exciting if the backdrops of your energising run are mountain itineraries rather than a flat track without any sceneries.

In May, Garda Trentino turns green and gives out some three ideal events for the mountain running lovers!  Well, actually more than three, because the first one, Garda Trentino Trail, is composed of three different paths in turn.

But first things first (and warm up our legs as well!)

Garda Trentino Trail 2018: running among three dream lakes

On May, the 5th 2018 the run that has excited thousands of participants all along will be set off: that’s Garda Trentino Trail. This year the hour running direction is back, that means starting from Riva del Garda and ending at the foot of the fairy castle of Arco.  Three different courses, three distances (60, 42 and 30 kms) and three lakes: Lake Garda, Lake Ledro and Lake Tenno.  We could state that 3 is the lucky number for this competition! Impossible to miss out!

For registrations and more info, click here.

Castle Mountain Running

The International Mountain Running Championship peeps out among the olive groves of Arco also this year! From the 26th to the 27th of May, the historical city center and the Castle of Arco will be the perfect backdrop of the 6th edition of the Castle Mountain Running, the mountain running competition in the town and on the sea level. The altitude of Arco in fact doesn’t reach 100 meters, but different drops and technical levels has made this mountain competition a classic! In addition, this year there will also be the first edition of the international festival of Relays, to reward the youth and absolute Italian champions. (Master, junior and senior!).

For more info and registrations, click here.

Memorial Daria Morandi- a charity competition   

A great mountain competition open to everybody, in the name of commemoration and charity.  We can summarise this Memorial in this way; it aims at paying an homage to Daria Morandi (a well-known teacher in the Altogarda area) and to all the lovers! On the 13th May 2018 the starting point will be in downtown Arco; passing by Massone you’ll arrive in Troiana, then you’ll stroll down through the Bosco Caproni to arrive again in downtown Arco.  The total length of the itinerary is 13 kilometers, with a 844-meter drop.

Are you ready for a mountain run? You could already start training lakefront, enjoying the fabulous scorching sunsets of Garda Trentino! Well, maybe it won’t be the perfect physical training for mountain running, but how about your spirit being benefitted?