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Garda Ottobre d’Oro Menu

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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We will discover the most glorified autumn taste in the Garda Ottobre d'Oro menu in every Garda Trentino restaurant participating to the offer.

The tenth month of the year turns the Garda Trentino woods orange, warm yellow, brown. The splendor is in front of everybody’s eyes: the autumn bursted and in October we can live it in its full expression in every spot, and also sitting at a table!

October is connected to the seasonal cycle of the grapevine, from the grape processing to the must fermentation. The grape harvest is almost over and it’s time to taste the vino novello (new wine in Italian) that rules the roost and intoxicates all the dishes with its perfume. Dishes that boost their flavours in every restaurant in Garda Trentino. These latter are in fact the real protagonist of an initiative, “Garda Ottobre d’Oro Menu” that enhances the autumn products on the 14th-15th and 21st-22nd October.

Some 17 restaurants have decided to pay an homage to October with mastery and phantasy, turning all its delicacies into delicate tasty dishes characterised by its flavours. The menus are available both for lunch and dinner, and remember to book in advance to be sure you won’t miss the special flavour of these menus.

The October splendors served at your table for some “golden” menus

Garda Ottobre d'Oro Menu Food and wine

October gives us many fruits we will find in the Garda Ottobre d’Oro menus. In addition to the above-mentioned grapes, there is also place for chestnuts, nuts, hazelnuts, apples, pears, pumpkin. Some products are indissolubly locally rooted, like the chestnuts from Campi (DE.CO.), Drena, Pranzo and Nago, which are celebrated in many local festivals!

The woods give also the mushrooms, that mark out this month with their strong smell. The land’s gifts will be found again as local products like the carne salada (in the spotlight of the “Garda con Gusto” event next month) and the lake fish, enhanced by the October fruit and vegetables.

In comparison with September, the flavours are stronger and the October colours and perfumes give the dishes created by the chefs and restauranteurs of Garda Ottobre d’Oro Menu a unique taste. A taste which is highlighted by the local excellences that are beyond the seasons and are suggested and transformed to give all the magic of Garda Trentino in one… bite!

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