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Garda in depths

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
Garda in depths
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Garda Trentino is not only what we can see upturned, but also… downturned! With a diver’s mask and breathing through a diving regulator, if possible!

Lake Garda is really a world to be discovered also with flippers, a diving suit and all the equipment! Scuba-diving is in fact a sport which allows you to see a unique scenery, which would otherwise remain unknown, a world made of cliffs, rocks, clefts and grottos, a lot of algae and its… fish! The dwellers of this silent place which populate the depths of Garda Trentino!

Burbots, pikes, breaks, eels, carps, chubs, lake whitefish, lavarets, perches, tenches, trouts and the cheerful pumpkinseed! (you are not allowed to think about dinner! Be amazed before by their beauty than their taste!) In the lake you could also discover the freshwater sponges or the clam shells (there are not only seashell, you know!). If you are among those people who keep the eyes wide open while swimming, in order to discover the mysteries lying deep-down, don’t hesitate anymore: take up your curiosity and gumption and benefit from the sight of a … submerged Garda!

Garda in depths Outdoor

From the Sperone (literally, a sort of spur) in Porto San Nicolò to Baia Azzurra (a fabulous beach in Riva del Garda), going through Villa Cian, Il Muretto and Calcarolle (the most famous beaches in Torbole), until reaching Villa Bella and Tempesta (Tempesta), Cippo di Confine and Navene beach (Navene), heading off to the south. These are all the immersions you can experience and enjoy in Garda Trentino! There are plenty of reasons that could let you think about becoming interested in this sport, above all… the silence!

Have you ever thought about it? You could get an escape from your chatty neighbor and benefit from a bit of peace! Actually, plunging in the unspoiled lake bottoms could also be therapeutical: the sound of your breath, the stream of your thoughts and the overcoming of your initial fears and worries (and a consequent improvement of your self-esteem), it’s much more than just a sport! What lies underneath the surface of the lake is a real therapy!

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