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I’ll tell you about Garda con Gusto – Gourmet Experience

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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A whole weekend of good food and drinks. On 2nd November at Palavela of Riva del Garda, the excellences of our territory were the protagonists of a delicious experience.

We already told you here  the brand-new formula Garda con Gusto – this was the fourth edition – turned into a gourmet experience. What was it? The audience could enjoy a real trip to delicious flavours, fragrances and colours of this land, Alto Garda, a place melting the mountain with lake, the water with earth. Food became an excuse to discover this corner of paradise.

They literally tempted us. Eat theatres, gusto lounges, showcooking and shop corners… you weren’t able to resist all those temptations!

My favourite eat theatre? The cheese’s one! I didn’t know that, to taste the dairy delicacies, there is a rulebook you need to follow in a crescendo of flavours! (I gave in to the temptation to taste three kinds of cheese: Casolet, Puzzone di Moena and Trentingrana. You must taste them in this sequence!).

Magical showcooking!

Show lovers couldn’t miss the mix of food and magic, a combination of joy and conviviality made by the multi-awarded chefs’ hands!

My favourite one? Vreni Giger’s one, 1 Michelin star from Rigblick restaurant in Zurich. Simply amazing! The yummiest dish? The confit egg yolk with broccoli of Torbole in butter produced in malga! You can’t believe what it was.

What about Cristian Bertol’s show cooking? He had a special assistant, the Italian magician Casanova! He had so much fun while trying to make the audience’s stuff disappear. They published a book, “Cucina & magia” (Kitchen&Magic) and they did show what it is about at Garda con Gusto – Gourmet Experience!

What’s more? Tasting and tasting…

I chose carne salada tartare, Matt Felicetti beetroot spaghetti by Macelleria Bertoldi proposed b Ristorante L’Ora, carne salada tataky with mountain herbs (COOP – Ristorante Antiche Mura), kamut rigatoni by Osteria la Torre combined with Macelleria Cis, large carne salada ravioli by Ristorante Hotel Sole combined with Macelleria Pregis, then Garda Lake fish soup by Troticoltura Armanini with Ristorante Alfio. There were some fantastic proposals by the vegan restaurant Ristorante Officina Verde, like confit leeks from Val di Gresta. So appetising!

The multi-awarded German chef Andreas Hillejan – 1 Michelin star from Das Marktrestaurant in Mittenwald – said <Food is like a universal language. It doesn’t know any boundaries. In any place in the world and with any product, a chef should have only one thing in his mind – to make his guests happy>.

Dear Andreas, you and your colleagues did much more at Garda con Gusto – Gourmet Experience 2018. You reminded us it doesn’t matter how tired we are, how stressed we are, how angry with our favourite soccer team are – food, the products of the excellence and the incredible talent of people like you who can best interpret them is – and will always be – one of the most beautiful pleasures in life. Viva the good food, viva Garda con Gusto!

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