And the third edition of Garda con Gusto has shut up. The flavours, the perfumes and the zero-mile excellences have held the stage also this year for a three-day event welcomed by several citizens and tourists who have crowded into the Palameeting exhibition centre in Riva del Garda in the best possible way .

The guiding light of the event has been the De.Co carne salada. Prepared in several different tasty ways, it has been the protagonist of the elegant booths which have held the food and wine exhibition.

Workshops, cooking shows and much more

There have been many highlights which have cheered up the manyfold visitors; among the others, the workshop about lake fish held skillfully by chef Marcello Franceschi and by Alberto Rania, the one and only Lake Garda fisherman. Here we have found out that local fish as the carp is endangered, and we have also learnt how to fillet the delectable lake fish well. (And, believe it or not, during this workshop I’ve met a couple who came directly from Wales for Garda con Gusto!).

Among the several cooking shows that have thrilled the visitors, the one that has stood out has been with the local chef Cristian Bertol, a famous TV personality. Together with Laura Maragliano, director of the Sale e Pepe magazine, he has entertained the visitors who were pleasantly impressed by the chef’s overwhelming congeniality (besides his famous brilliant cooking mastery!)

The recipe has left everybody astonished at the moment of the creation of a caramel (a cooking moment with a notable scenic impact!).

Another big protagonist of the event has been Antonio Lamberto Martino, the master baker and philosopher (he turned out to be a wise man and expert in Greek philosophy) who got amused to work with the young students of the Riva del Garda vocational school on stage.

Do you know what are the nutritional values of the green broccoli from Torbole? And can the coeliacs people eat the mush? From now on, everything is much clearer.

Among the most appreciated moments during Garda con Gusto, there has been in fact the speech of the nutritionist and biologist Valentina Venanzi. She explained us how to handle the food intolerances together with the food blogger Tiziana Colombo (aka Nonna Paperina). Valentina has left us impressed by her careful and expert professionalism, and her funny Roman wit!

The Garda Trentino food and wine excellences haven’t secrets anymore!

On Sunday, another impressive workshop has been the one on the home brews held by our brewers!

Pulling a pint has never been so easy! And the visitors didn’t turn their nose up at a couple of (well, maybe a bit more) pints of good beer!

The zero-mile market

There have been place not only for tasting, but also for a real market about the zero-mile delicacies arranged in another area of the Palameeting, for those who were looking for some regional delicacies, from honey to saffron, from wine to beer.

Moreover, in a corner of the market it was possible to look at the most beautiful landscapes of Garda Trentino through a special viewer. And, latest news, the special “card boards” or viewers will be shortly available in our Garda Trentino tourist information offices. Thanks to an app, we will have a bird’s eye view of the local beauties.

Once again, even if in virtual reality (and with a full tummy) I could affirm: “This place is a real haven on earth!”