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Garda con gusto 2016 edition Perfumes and tastes from the Altogarda are back

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
garda con gusto
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Garda con Gusto: a triumph of tastes made in Garda Trentino among workshops, cooking shows and excellent products.

Garda con Gusto 2016 has just ended. I was there. And you? Wouldn’t you have missed the chance to attend cooking shows, workshops, typical markets and… above all, taste a lot of delicacies all gathered in the same venue, would you?


I didn’t let the meeting slip and from Friday, the 4th to Sunday, the 6th November I was thrusted out in a sea (better, lake!) of heady tastes and perfumes: mainly those of carne salada, the real protagonist of the event being the base for many dishes presented by local producers in several stands. But also the Garda Trentino extra virgin olive oil, the fragrant “finishing touch” of every dish which has given strong emotions and exalted each recipe.

Not only carne salada but also lake fish and vegetables like the “son of the wind” as the broccoli from Torbole has been named. Presided over by Slow-food, it has a sweet and not strong taste and it has been the real protagonist of many dishes created specifically for the event.


There has been time also for the moment everybody was waiting for at Garda con Gusto, Simone Rugiati’s cooking show: overwhelming congeniality and two recipes with KM 1 products (and not KM 0 as Simone himself pointed out during a chat we have been granted exclusively): raw dumplings with carne salada and beer-marinated plums from Dro, and “meathead”, that is not an offense but rather the name given to a turnip millefoglie with burned trout and apple and hot pepper concasse with apple vinegar and raspberry cream. Hence, Simone has delighted the eyes of tons of fans who came to his cooking show in which he has highlighted how important is to eat well and choose local raw materials; local products like the ones he has discovered here in Garda Trentino letting him pleasantly in amazement. After all, he revealed to eat more and more consciously and that here he has discovered the pleasure of tasting some “lost” vegetables like the turnip, or some new and unique ones like the broccoli from Torbole.

Garda con gusto 2016 edition Perfumes and tastes from the Altogarda are back Events


On Sunday, Garda con Gusto came to an end to be back next year from the 3rd to the 5th November 2017. This has been an event that thrilled a large number of visitors who chose to spend the weekend discovering or rediscovering tastes from the past, getting informed by interviews, workshops and seminars about mother nature’s products. It’s not only the land to make the tasting of these products possible, but also the care and love of many local producers.

They are committed to safeguard and protect our excellences with devotion, those excellences that are the reflection of a territory, Garda Trentino, which is worth-visiting not only because of its natural beauties but also to enhance the senses. Finding out the real “Garda taste”!

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