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Garda con Gusto, 5th edition. A delicious and appetising weekend

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Garda Trentino is more than long beaches, crystal-clear water and outdoor activities. Well, you may be surprised but there is one thing able to enrich your holiday: the gusto. If you choose an unexpected month to come, November, be ready for multi-awarded chefs, celebrity chefs and 0-km products. Give your welcome to Garda con Gusto - Gourmet Experience!

The most northerly extra virgin oil in the world, wines, carne salada, the prestigious lake fish, broccoli of Torbole and even the coffee. So many excellences in a corner of paradise caressed by clear water, constant winds and massive mountains. Between sky and earth, at Garda Trentino you will discover top-quality food and drink excellences and to celebrate them all with famous Italian and international chefs, they organize an appetising kermes in November: Garda con Gusto – Gourmet Experience!

The fifth edition of the gourmands’ most awaited event

Garda con Gusto, 5th edition. A delicious and appetising weekend Food and wine

The fifth edition of the food and drink event Garda con Gusto – Gourmet Experience will be held from 1st to 3rd November 2019 at Palavela of Riva del Garda. This year’s news is Fuori Gusto, the “Caffetteria Italiana” with the typical Italian breakfast and appetizers served with little but great food.

This event is now well-established. A real sensory journey to taste food and drink excellences at Garda Trentino where the Maquis shrubland and the alpine gusto meet and give life to unique flavours like in no other regions in Italy.

The raw materials will be the protagonists of the event for whom, with passion, love, dedication and creativity, transforms them in Italian tastiness.

At Garda con Gusto, the greatest international chefs.

To interpret and give value to the resources of this land, multi-awarded chefs, food and wine journalists, producers, sommeliers and celebrity chefs will come to Riva del Garda.

The special guests will be: Alfio Ghezzi from Trentino (Locanda Margon, 2 Michelin stars); Matteo Delvai, young chef from Trentino who won the “Campionato Italiano Miglior Allievo Istituti Alberghieri; Gennaro Esposito, celebrity chef, Italian TV chef (Torre del Saracino, 2 Michelin stars); Filippo Sinisgalli, the stars of Hollywood’s executive chef; Valeria Raciti, winner of Masterchef Italia 2019; Josef Steffner Austrian chef of JRE, Mesnerhaus restaurant.

The food critic and coordinator of the Italian jury of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, Eleonora Cozzella, will hold the reins of the event.

Other extraordinary guests will be Peter Brunel – who has recently opened a gourmet restaurant at Garda Trentino -, Danilo D’Ambra, brilliant young chef of Johnson & Dipoli restaurant of Egna (Bolzano) and Sebastian Sartorelli, chef of Hosteria Toblino, with his refined and elegant cuisine.

But the real protagonists will be carne salada, extra virgin olive oil, broccoli of Torbole, lake fish, organic vegetables of Val di Gresta and malga cheese. But this year there will be a special guest in the menu, too: the King of Lake Garda, the carp, a prestigious and rare autochthonous fish of Garda, saved from the extinction.

To sprinkle the tasting experience, the Trento doc bubbles, the white and red wines of Trentino, grappa and coffee.

And, as always, the shopping corner to buy the excellences of Trentino, bring them home then cook them to live again the fragrance and emotions of this unforgettable sensory weekend dedicated to good food and wine, even at kilometres away from Lake Garda.

Now it is time to book your favourite gourmet experience and your tasty holiday to discover this place with all the five senses.

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