A new beginning. A new year on the calendar. It happens all the times. It’s a convention to turn the page and voilà! A brand new precious opportunity to be a better person is here.

Learning to say thank you more often, forgiving those who have hurt you, leaving the guilts and loving more and more.

Visiting that place we wanted to find out, live and love since the far 1999.

Getting off that feeling of “I must” do this or that.

Our wish for Christmas and the new year just round the corner is this: be like an imperious horse running in the wind without a horseman. Be free.

From prejudices, preconceived ideas, masks and roles. Free like an unbridled horse.

Merry Christmas from Garda Trentino for a Christmas, a new year (and life) where the only true protagonist is you and your happiness. Hurry towards it. In case you stop, it will be just to coo over, once again, the unique view of Lake Garda and its timeless wonders that remind us how beautiful life is.

Merry Christmas to each of you from the bottom of our heart.

Garda Trentino Team