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Food and go: when time goes by but good food stays on.

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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not only restaurants. To eat well but in an easy and informal environment in Garda Trentino

Don’t call it fast food. In a country like Italy where food is pretty sacred and traditions (luckily) hold up, the “eat and run” food is synonym for taste and excellence. Garda Trentino is not an exception. On the contrary, it brings out what the English people call street food, recommending perfect restaurants in many different spots all around, to nibble some scrumptious Altogarda tasting food prepared with local products.

We have written down our personal top “food and go” 5 list! After reading it, you’ll be ready to… pop over there!

  1. Birreria 104. Lots of appetizers and a wide range of beers! For those who don’t want to dine out too “formally”, but in a folksy atmosphere. Burgers, sandwiches, beers and… some good chat with your friends!

  2. Panem. A trip inside the Italian panini. With this convincing slogan, Panem offers an “old-fashioned shop” atmosphere, with tables and high stools, and a selection of high-quality delicacies! An excellent choice of wines and with the owners’ congeniality and unique style!

  3. Gipsy food truck. The van is there waiting for you after a lakeshore walk (it’s very close to the Arco-Torbole cycle lane). Very colorful, gipsy-styled and with some excellent music! Two tables and a strong sharing desire for a real street food!

  4. Pizza Burger. Hold it, we are in the kingdom of pizza! The street food par excellence, born in Napoli and famous all over the world, here in Torbole is reinterpreted in a perfect combination with burgers, to treat the guests in an informal style for a dinner to eat… with your fingers!

    Food and go: when time goes by but good food stays on. Spring Summer Tips

    Credits: Pizza Burger Torbole

  5. Comunque. Inside the Hotel Brione in Riva del Garda you will meet a tasty food truck with some vegan and vegetarian options as well, delicacies to eat with your fingers like falafel and humous that turns this van into a tasty break or lunch for those of you who like to indulge in some overindulgence… standing upright!

Street food is a real trend that perfectly matches a territory, Garda Trentino, that is made for the life in the open air, the outdoor sports, the walks that end up with breathtaking views. It seems not to be willing to “dwell on too much”, because lots of amazing landscapes are waiting for us!

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