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Foliage in Garda Trentino: when the woods turn amber

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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You will fall in love at first sight with the thousand hints of nature: we are about to enter autumn, and in this period of the year the landscape gets some warm golden tones. Come and discover the autumn foliage in Garda Trentino!

The look is so beautiful that awakens a great emotion, the colours are distinctively warm and amber, typical of the chestnut season: it’s autumn time!

Autumn in Garda Trentino offers its visitors the splendors of the nature that has taken its green colour off to get some yellow, orange, red and golden tones.

The woods are changing until lighting with some scorching tones and give the photography and outdoor lovers some enchanted glimpses. This phenomenon is called foliage, and you can admire it with all its colors in Garda Trentino.

Let’s wear some hiking clothing and, equipped with your camera or smartphone, let’s capture the thousand tones of mother nature in autumn!

In Garda Trentino every season has something special, but autumn gives something really unique: a heap of colours that turns the woods into amazing paintings. The autumn foliage is undoubtedly one of the reasons why it’s worth living the autumn season at its fullest, or at least part of it, in this little spot of Mediterranean surrounded by the Alps.

In October and November the activities you could practice are a lot: hiking, climbing, biking, via ferrata!

A biking excursion will allow you to notice the colour changing closely, and the autumn foliage will seem even clearer. The high impressive mountains get dotted with some yellow, orange and golden tufts as they were an artist’s brushstrokes!

Foliage in Garda Trentino: when the woods turn amber Autumn Tips

And if you’d rather prefer to hike in the middle of nature and enjoy the magic of the greenery turning amber, you can arm yourself with mountain boots and breath the crisp wood air and watch its colour change. The perfume of mushrooms and browned chestnut and the mush that peeps out on the Altogarda tables again! (By the way, have a look at the autumn menus of the local restaurants!).

Lake Tenno, where the autumn foliage contrasts with the emerald green

Only a few steps from Lake Garda Trentino there is Lake Tenno, where the autumn season and its magic give unforgettable shots to the camera and… to the memory! Walking around the lake, the sunlight and the trees mirroring into the water create a palette that is similar to a painting! From there, it’s pretty easy to lose themselves into history. The medieval hamlet of Canale di Tenno is waiting for you with its wooden balconies, its stone vaults and the perfume of chestnuts (have you ever tried the chestnuts from Pranzo, a community of Tenno?) Yummy!) that will take you straight into a cosy autumn atmosphere.

You only need to have lunch in a restaurant furnished with a fireplace, drink some good wine and dream your next autumn excursion in Garda Trentino.

Mount Brione, Mount Altissimo or maybe only a lakefront stroll to admire the nature making space to the sweet rhythm of the seasons. And don’t forget to share your shots with the #gardatrentino hashtag! Autumn is here!

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