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Feeling at home in the beauty of Garda Trentino. Your holidays in apartments

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
vacanza in appartamento sul lago di garda foto di matteo righi
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If you are looking for a relaxing and independent holiday, there’s nothing better than an apartment at Garda Trentino. What are the advantages?

What about renting a house to enjoy your holiday at Lake Garda? The best option if you want to save money, get relaxed and live it freely!

A lot of good reasons to choose a holiday in an apartment at Lake Garda

The apartments offer good reasons to be your ideal place for you holiday at Garda Trentino

Much more room, freedom and the chance of feeling at home. Here are some advantages for your holidays in an apartment at Garda Trentino

At Garda Trentino there are two different kinds of apartments. Some are in residences and other are private – generally they are in smaller buildings –, but they get the appropriate assessment in the form of gentian (the flower symbol of the quality of residences and private apartments, Translator’s note). You can choose from 1 to 4 gentians and look for the blue gentian, which gives the higher quality.

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This kind of assessment offers the full information transparency and the tourist offer quality.

What are the advantages of a holiday in an apartment?

  • Saving. One of the most appreciated reasons is the excellent value for money. Many apartments do not apply the fee per night; on the contrary, but they apply a fee according on the duration of your holiday and on the season. You can share the apartment with your friends or family members so the individual price lowers! 
  • Going on holiday with your pet. Many tourists opt for the apartment so they can come on holiday with their pet. The pet feels free and you can easily choose where to stay with him, as spaces are larger than a hotel room. 
  • Privacy and independence. In a house, you can enjoy your holiday independently. No standard timetables for your breakfast, lunch or dinner or… to come back home at night! According to the kind of apartment you choose, you can be close to the lake in Riva or Torbole or at a higher altitude in Tenno or in the centre of Arco. You can choose a luxury villa or a more ordinary apartment to spend less money. 

A holiday in an apartment lets you feel like at home, visit this place better and live a real experience at Garda Trentino, where you are not simple visitors but real inhabitants of this wonderful place. 

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