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February is an uncommon month to visit Lake Garda but its magic, its amazing sunsets, the trekking paths, the walks and bike tours are the perfect reason to peacefully enjoy Garda Trentino.

In winter, Lake Garda shows breath-taking lights and emotions – soft pinkish sunrises, reddish and passionate sunsets, green shores and amber foliage. 

At Garda Trentino, the winter temperatures are mild and agreeable, never freezing, so you can always go out for a walk, a hike or a tour by bike.

February, in particular, is the best period to get your fill of relax in the Spas where you can feel the heat of the water in the outdoor pools

FEBRUARY AT LAKE GARDA TRENTINO Most Popular Articles Tips Winter

In February, Lake Garda Trentino is also the ideal destination for treks. Enjoy Monte Brione, Busatte-Tempesta, the tour of Lake Tenno and many trekking courses far from the summer crowd with a view over the blue Lake Garda, its sweet ripples and its vastness.

Remember that February speaks of love. It’s Saint Valentine’s time! Plan your holiday in February at Lake Garda around the 14th to make your partner the best present ever! There is nothing more romantic than sitting at the lake staring at the orange sunset in your sweetheart’s arms.

FEBRUARY AT LAKE GARDA TRENTINO Most Popular Articles Tips Winter
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holiday at Garda Trentino in February is the perfect occasion to visit places rich with history. 
The winter afternoon is the ideal time to go and visit cultural and traditional places like the Hydroelectric Plant in Riva del Garda – opened at weekends – or the waterfall of Varone, the castle of Arco and Castel Penede in Nago. Culture belongs to Garda Trentino: give a look here to plan your winter afternoons.

FEBRUARY AT LAKE GARDA TRENTINO Most Popular Articles Tips Winter

And, if the swimsuit season forces you to give yourself a limit when you sit down to eat, going on holiday in February at Lake Garda is the best excuse to let you taste the typical products of Garda Trentino in our restaurants! The carne salada, the broccoli of Torbole – February is the season of broccoli –, the prunes of Dro – the dried fruit is recommended in winter to better face the cold and give you more energy – and the extravirgin olive oil cannot be missing. Here are all the restaurants  where you can eat the delicacies of the lake.

Plan and book your February holiday at Lake Garda Trentino: Go deep into the marvel of nature…you are at the forefront!

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