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Family Rock Climbing Holidays on Lake Garda

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
Family Rock Climbing Holidays on Lake Garda
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Who said that a family can’t jump into a sport like climbing? Contrary to common thought, practicing climbing is not only a privilege for fit adults (even if, let’s admit it my beloved married or unmarried readers, it’s not so bad looking at some hunky athletes scrabbling along staggering heights!) More and more kids are getting into this sport. Starting from 4-5 years old, this activity is very useful to improve both the visual acuity and the coordination skills. So, why not taking the opportunity to practice this sport all together as a family in Garda Trentino? What do you need? Climbing shoes and harness, as well as the passion for the peaks, obviously!

I would like to suggest you four trails which are perfect for mum, dad and kids! Let’s start from the Muro dell’Asino Crag (Arco), located almost on the peak of Mount Colodri, on its west side. This trail has a fully-equipped area for children and moreover… if it’s called asino (donkey, in English), it has to be also… instructive! The second climbing area to enjoy with your family is inside the Massi di Gaggiolo (Dro). Three equipped boulders with easy and short routes which are perfect for beginners and kids.

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Furthermore, a year ago the new San Martino Family Crag was inaugurated in Arco. Located near the famous crag in Massone, this new climbing wall has been equipped specifically for families. It provides you with no fewer than 17 routes, from 3a to 6b. Last (but not least) suggestion: Segrom (Nago), in its southern part. Along the way towards Mount Baldo – Altissimo, also this one is a perfect climbing area to be enjoyed all together! Climbing is much more than just a sport: it’s the desire to move upwards, to challenge the heights (and the vertigo as well!) and maybe also yourself. It’s an activity that reconnects you with your most intimate and natural part; that motivates you to go beyond your limits and enjoy those landscapes that would remain only a vague idea without that desire of climbing the peaks and go up to the… sky! (okay, maybe not so high) It could apparently seem a sport for “loners”, but actually you will discover that it’s even better to practice it with your family! The local guides offer also real courses for families, so that it will be possible to approach the climbing world all together. The faith you must have in your climbing mate is considerable; and if it is a member of your family who “takes care” of a sport path, as daring as climbing is, this will improve and consolidate the faith in those we love most and in ourselves as well. This is a real confirmation that, even in the most strenuous moments, those who love us support us and, together with us, enjoy the beauty of a view, the Garda Trentino one, that appears even more touching thanks to this more and more loved and exciting sport!

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