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Family Friendly Hotels. Everything for your family

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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When the whole family goes on holiday, to find the right hotel is the key! At Garda Trentino there are many family friendly hotels where your crew can live an unforgettable experience.

Holiday with the “crew”? You can, at Garda Trentino as there are many hotels where mum and dad can live a great holiday with their children.

When the kids are little, we often think we have to quit relaxing. What a lie! At Lake Garda Trentino, you can come and enjoy your holiday with your children!


If your children are happy, you are happy too.

A place like Garda Trentino is perfect for your family holiday, where you can have a lot of activities together.

An example?

The outdoor sports like sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, climbing practised with expert guides and instructors… Let your kids try them!

Give a look at the Outdoor Garda Trentino offer dedicated to kids and let these suggested sports inspire you. Contact the expert and have fun!

If you love the amusement parks, you can’t miss Gardaland, Canevaworld, Movieland and many others. It takes about one hour to reach them or, if you prefer, you can take the bus.

At Garda Trentino there are many Family Friendly Hotels that can combine the children’s exuberance with the parents’ need of total relax.

These hotels offer family-friendly services – some also have a miniclub – with entertainers, swimming-pools and many other specific services.

At the family-friendly hotels at Garda Trentino you can feel like at home: you don’t need to pack so many things because there you will have all what you need.

Family Hotels but also apartments and campsites for your family holiday at Garda Trentino. You can also enjoy the Family Active offer if you are a dynamic family.

Then, let the accommodation experts do the rest. Feel free, have fun and enjoy your holiday together with your children and partner-in-crime.

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