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Falling in Love on Lake Garda

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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There are some places to which magic can get where words can't, deep in the heart of two people, making them... fall head over heels in love!

I might have been in Verona this evening but a magnificent natural phenomenon was in my vicinity – Lake Garda, a splendid spectacle, which I did not want to miss, and now I am nobly rewarded for taking this circuitous route. J. W. Goethe

This was how the famous poet expressed his feelings when seeing Italy’s biggest lake. He had… fallen in love! Who can blame him… he is not the only one to have fallen in love at first sight with Garda (Trentino mainly, he was a huge fan). On the northern shores he wrote in fact some real “odes” to the body of freshwater he was completely mad about.

Not only on Valentine’s day, Lake Garda makes you fall in love all year round!

Today is Valentine’s day (by the way, have you already read our article?), the most romantic day of the year. The day when all of us have a gentle utterance for his or her sweetheart. But sometimes words aren’t enough, you know. Romanticism is in every single thing in Garda Trentino, not only on the day when Cupid aims his arrows (sometimes rather wrongly!) but… always! Every moment is the right one to fall in love!

Have you ever tried to set a romantic picnic on the beach? Equipped with a candle, some strawberries and some sparkling wine (a Trentino DOC one, of course!) you could also find out that your soulmate’s heart is already yours! Aided by the mountain outline at twilight that becomes darker and darker mirroring into the lake crystal clear waters… you are ready for a kiss!

And also, the Belvedere degli Innamorati, along the Ponale trail, from where it is possible to have a breathtaking view on our “busa” (loosely hole, as it is defined the Trentino part of Lake Garda in dialect). The Habsburg Emperor Francis Joseph I was mad about it!

Falling in Love on Lake Garda Tips Winter

Not only famous places, here everything deals with love: the perched alleys in Riva del Garda, the castles of Arco, Tenno, Drena with signs of a past time, the historical buildings that seem to tell us about the love affairs of ladies and lords, protagonists of impossible love stories!

After all, love is everywhere. It’s in every bend we face, in every glimpse in front of our eyes, in every incredible feeling given by the (priceless) view of a footpath or bikeway from above.

It is said that you never forget your first kiss… we are sure you will remember where you have lived it forever and ever even more if the place itself trembles with love! Wind blows on Lake Garda Trentino. But this time we aren’t talking about the Ora or Peler winds, we refer to that love wind which shakes each leaf, ripples each wave and cover each heart. Welcome to Garda Trentino, and let its wind blow heavily inside your hearts… falling in love has never been so easy!

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