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Everybody is a child with Notte di Fiaba

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Notte di Fiaba, the most longed-for event of the Alto Garda summer, makes everybody go back to their childhood, with stalls full to the brim with sweets, a compelling fairytale and some great fireworks.

Let’s imagine a summer night, a fairytale and lots of kids (some even grown up). An astounding happiness and the explosion of colorful fireworks. The setting? Lake Garda Trentino. The night? The most magical of the year: notte di fiaba!

Sherlock Holmes and his mysterious mysteries.

From the 24th to the 27th August 2017, Riva del Garda will turn into a complex case to be solved for Sherlock Holmes! The famous detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle at the end of the 19th century will in fact be the protagonist of the history narrated during the 2017 Notte di Fiaba.

Smoking his famous pipe and wearing the hat, the detective from Baker Street and his loyal assistant Watson have absorbed millions of readers who could experience the myth of Sherlock Holmes in every spot of Riva del Garda this year, when you are not on the lake shore of course!

Everybody is a child with Notte di Fiaba Events

The rich programme of Notte di Fiaba

For over 60 years, Notte di Fiaba has been turning Riva del Garda into a big fairytale in a night sky. The town gets rushed by local people and tourists, adults and kids, to live the fairytale of the year.

This year fun and curiosity will be fostered by the clues of Sherlock Holmes’ arcane and complex cases, but there’s more. There is also room for many tidbits with food stalls on Piazza Battisti, a funny and fresh Food Truck Street (Viale Roma), some good music, a strage market where it is possible to find incredible articles, culinary workshops to bake biscuits inside the wonderful Rocca, tea breaks and arcane tales.

You shouldn’t either miss the Viaggio nella Fiaba (Journey inside the Fairytale). A proper traveling account of the tale of the year. The downtown streets and squares livens up with artists, actors and an enthusiast audience who will follow Sherlock Holmes and Watson’s bright and quick observations, corner after corner. Together with them, other odd travel buddies will help the detective solving arcane and complex cases with many investigations!

And…to conclude it well, the grand finale… the fireworks!

On the 26th August 2017 from 10 pm, the lake waters will be coloured by the thousand hints of the fireworks, between the kids’ wonder and the adults’ astonishment. As it happens each year, they will feel the protagonists for a long weekend of fairytale days.

Who doesn’t fancy dreaming in this world? Who doesn’t want to go back to his childhood? The dream becomes real thanks to Notte di Fiaba, the wish factory on Lake Garda shores.

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