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Emtb Adventure: this weekend will make you feel like the great bikers!

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Only few days are left to the second edition of the experiencing event (from the 29th September to the 1st October) that Garda Trentino has decided to dedicate to the pedal-assist mountain-bike, to live the region at its fullest with some rides and tasty tours!

29th September – 1st October 2018. Save the date! During this weekend Lake Garda Trentino will in fact turn into the stage to test the brand new pedal-assist mountain bikes together with the local guides, to live the Garda Trentino quadrifoglio at its fullest.

The second edition of this experiencing Festival will surely touch the two-wheel lovers, but not only. It is structured and really seems like a proper food and wine active tour, in the spirit of the Garda Trentino landscape beauties and always riding your electric mountain bike. A real heap of vitality, energy and delicacy on the same tour! All this is called Emtb Adventure.

The electric mountain bikes are the latest products and are also the mean that makes the discovery of an exciting and sometimes harsh area like Lake Garda Trentino easier.

Because of the assisted ride it is in fact possible to tread long distances or face some ascents, even with demanding drops, with a reasonable physical effort thanks to the help of an electric engine. And maybe you will go the extra mile of your image. You trust me, don’t you? Come and call out at the Emtb Adventure.

Every day our professional guides will take you riding on 4 different bikeways, each of them available in two variations: the easiest one, suitable for those who want to approach the electric mountain bike world, and a more demanding one, for the experts.

Emtb Adventure: this weekend will make you feel like the great bikers! Events

e-mtb Lago di Garda


Not only sports, as it usually happens on Lake Garda Trentino the strain is always paid back. And this will be true especially during this weekend: each tour will in fact be paired with a rich culinary suggestion. Each bikeway has been conceived to reach a mountain hut, a restaurant or a farming company that will make you taste the local excellences.

The four tours help you to discover the splendors of the Garda Trentino quadrifoglio. Sarca Valley, Mount Calino, Ledro Valley and Mount Velo. The tours are subject to a limited number for a maximum of 160 participants a day, 40 each tour. REGISTER NOW!

The starting and arrival point, and the hub of the Emtb Adventure festival is Piazzetta Lietzmann in Torbole sul Garda. Your dream will set off from here: living the region riding your beloved mountain bike, facing some of those bikeways you considered unreachable without the assisted ride.

Tasting and finding out some distinctively Trentino flavours thanks to the savoury lunches and some aperitivos in cosy mountain huts, farming companies, historic facilities and top-notch restaurants: from the traditional polenta to the organic vegetables from the Gresta Valley, from cheese to the typical carne salada.

Emtb Adventure: may the experiencing outdoor holiday begin!


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