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Emtb Adventure: e-bike cycling discovering Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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From the 29th September to the 2nd October a weekend-long adventure riding an e-bike to savour the Garda Trentino excellences.

Do you fancy adventures? What if riding an electric mountain bike? What if this new experience took place over a long weekend and around one of the most beautiful spots all over the world? Garda Trentino makes the dream of lots of nature and food lovers come true, creating an adventure to live with your eyes, mouth and.. legs! Helped by the the assisted pedal-power.

From the 29th September to the 2nd October the opening of Emtb Adventure is a not-to-be-missed opportunity, an experiential event dedicated to the two-wheel lovers: 6 amazing itineraries, created and conceived by Uli Stanciu, a mtb guru as well as the Bike Festival creator, another important international event dedicated to biking.

Emtb Adventure combines the local food excellences with the opportunity to make some technical tests with the e-bikes, in a happy delicacy-sport-nature union that perfectly fits the Garda Trentino area.

The aim of this long weekend? Make the people get to know the beauty and the flavour of the area, riding a bike which is for everybody thanks to the helps of the assisted pedal-power. A kind of bike we could define as “inclusive”, able to satisfy everybody, both the two-wheel lovers and the “specialists”!

Emtb Adventure: e-bike cycling discovering Garda Trentino Events


Keeping on cycling it is possible to find out some unspoiled places and sweet energising breaks in mountain huts, in wineries discovering the Bacchus perfumes, and in exclusive restaurants offering the Menu del Gusto, within the Vacanze con Gusto project.

Four full days to live with your friends, with your family or on your own, and with your electric mountain bike, discovering the Garda Trentino four-leaf clover.

Going ahead “full sail” and with the end-of-September sun which is still warm and pleasant, you will discover the area choosing the power of the pedaling on different levels but with the same tasty breaks! Locally-produced breaks, more or less demanding ascents to mountain huts and farmsteads where nature reigns supreme, and with no other noise but the two wheels speeding along the trails. Two special wheels though, pedal-assisted, the new biking frontier that helps everybody to deal with quite demanding mountain bikeways lightening the strain. An event that will leave a mark on your mind. Book immediately by clicking here

A unique and not-to-be-missed opportunity to get to know also the Garda Trentino bike resort and its more than 1000 kms of mountain-biking itineraries.

By e-bike it is possible to enjoy the beauty of the landscapes in every season, and it is astounding to notice how they changed according to the period.

One thing is always certain and eternal: the splendor of a place that keeps on moving its visitors (and its lucky citizens, like me) at each and every glimpse.

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