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Discovering Lake Garda wines in Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
Lake Garda wines in Trentino
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The wine producers who are worth knowing and appreciating in Garda Trentino are many; if the overwhelming desire to pay them a visit takes you over

“Day-colored wine, night-colored wine, wine with purple feet or wine with topaz blood”. In his Ode to Wine, Pablo Neruda described the magic of Bacchus’ nectar by these words. Trentino offers a rich variety of grapes thanks to several different microclimates contributing to create wines that have become well-known excellences all around the world.

On the shores of Garda Trentino you could experience a holiday discovering the local varieties: from white wines as Nosiola, straw yellow and fruity with an aromatic hint; Chardonnay, with its delicate aroma; Müller Thurgau, aromatic and harmonious; Pinot Blanc, with its particular aroma, Pinot Gris, straw yellow and with a fruity aroma, Traminer (Gewürztraminer) with aromatic aroma and taste, Trentodoc Spumante, whose bubbles create a perfect pairing with aperitifs and delicious fish dishes.

Discovering Lake Garda wines in Trentino Food and wine

As for red wines, it’s impossible not to cite Marzemino, a ruby-red local grapevine with a “round” taste, Merlot and Cabernet, perfect for grilled meat or game. Instead, Schiava and Lagrein are used to create light fruity wines which are the perfect combination with cold cut starters (or the excellent carne salada!). And now, the dessert. How is it possible to taste a slice of strudel, a plum cake (from Dro, necessarily!) or another mouthwatering dessert without a…. good glass of wine? A glass of Moscato giallo, a sweet and full-bodied Vino Santo, or a rare delicious Moscato Rosa? The pairings are really many, and not only with food, you should have got it! What if the common thread was…the bicycle? Sport and taste, a winning combination on Garda Trentino! With the Bike and Wine package it is possible to do two bike tours, a toast in the winery tasting local products, and eventually bring back home a wine you would have fell in love with (be careful, the shopping list could be really long!) A real…. tasting holiday!

The wine producers  who are worth knowing and appreciating in Garda Trentino are many; if the overwhelming desire to pay them a visit takes you over, let yourselves be tempted by Bacchus’ delicacies and the local tidbits (be careful, don’t overindulge!) in a whirlwind of exciting perfumes, colors and tastes that caress your palate. Admiring the surrounding landscape, you couldn’t avoid crying out: “Holy cow!”

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