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A day of pure relaxation in Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Do you fancy some relaxation at the spa in Garda Trentino? Pop into the Garda Thermae spa center, only a few steps from the lake.

We have been there for you (and it’s been really hard!), in one of the places mostly devoted to relaxation in Garda Trentino. We have spent an afternoon at the Garda Thermae spa center, only a few steps from Lake Garda.

Our wellness journey starts with a warm welcome. The clerk gives us our pass to… paradise, well, sorry, the saunas actually.

We begin immediately with a dive into the wonderful squared pool in the middle of the room. Here, silence rules, and amid lemon and bergamot oils and hot candles we plunge in between lots of bubbles and cromothereaphy lights.

We decide to find out immediately the different saunas and we start with the perfect one, the Finnish sauna, as the guide says. The temperature is about 90°C and my stamina goes back and forth.

I resist, and after having a good restoring shower, I go on to the other saunas: from the steam bath to the soft sauna, stopping at the Mediterranean bath. Undoubtedly my favourite one! (The typical oils of Garda Trentino inundate this room which is slightly humid and really pleasant!)

A haven on earth, only few steps from the beaches.

It’s time for herbal teas and some fruit. In the relaxation area we have tasted some fresh apples and drunk some energising water!

Before going up to the pool area, we have some fun with the circular Kneipp: a restoring hot/cold path to get some wonderful legs!

A tour in the swimming pool allows us to enjoy the beauty not only of the inside room but also of the amazing outdoor area. Flowers and trees surrounded by high and lush mountains warm up both soul and body, together with the hot pool waters.

Taste and well-being

Let’s stop for a while at the bar. The Bistro Thermae Pool Bar & Restaurant is available to indulge in a tasting spot, without forgetting the figure. We have tasted a scrumptious extract of fresh and dried fruit, to get your fill of vitamins!

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Enjoying a massage to get your balance back

Let’s end with a bang our afternoon of pure and real relaxation at the Garda Thermae spa center with two restoring and relaxing massages for him and for her. A Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage (that’s how the massage is called in the Hawaii, and it expresses the kneading gestures) and a treatment called KI-DO®, an invention of the masseur and naturopath Agostino Ronzullo.

The Hawaiian massage has helped Walter’s neck (completely blocked by the daily routine in front of a laptop) to an relieving condition, although his face was expressing the contrary! Well done to Elisabetta; with both smile and determination she has fixed him… properly!

As for me, I’m ready for this new KI-DO®. As the inventor Agostino Ronzullo explains, it literally means “Vitality Route”, a specific technique which combines manual skills, philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. We can’t explain it more in depth. What you have to do? Go and try them! Book your favourite combo here.

A day at Garda Thermae is not only a chance to relax, but also a… proper connection of soul, mind and body to live all in one surrounded by the splendor of Lake Garda Trentino.

Have a look at the plentiful wellness suggestions from our area and… dream with us!

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