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Christmas shopping on Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Christmas time has never been so rich! The gifts to put under the tree have now a different allure as long as they are bought on Garda Trentino shores.


Warm golden lights that create a special mood, lit house windows, Christmas markets that warm the heart up, and on the background of this picturesque landscape, there it is, the lake! Christmas on Garda Trentino has a unique allure. And if you think that you should visit this place only during the summer, you are completely wrong! During the most longed-for celebration throughout the year, the lake seems in fact to turn into the thousands lights that warm the air up in shimmering and cheerful gold.

Despite the cold weather, it’s almost impossible not to be willing to walk around and… enjoy the enchanted backdrop while doing some shopping


It’s always difficult to choose what presents will be put under the tree. Very often we lose sight of the deep meaning of Christmas: giving something from the bottom of your heart. Let yourself get carried away by the happiness of giving the others something you have chosen with love and care.

You could choose to go all round the markets in Arco, Canale di Tenno or Rango, appreciating and purchasing some traditional handicraft, or rather choose a local food for those of you who have a sweet tooth: cheese, cold cuts, honey and preserves.

But it’s not only about Christmas markets. Strolling around the central streets of magical places like Arco and Riva del Garda, many trimmed shops tempt you to step in! It’s impossible to resist the manifold elegant and typical shops. Each window has a “story” itself to be narrated, and while walking around in awe of the shimmering lights, arms get… heavy! A designer dress for your fashion victim sister, a piece of sport clothes to go hiking and take on the next excursion, a hi-tech article (for that nerd friend who is always up on the latests trends!) or also one of several great tasting products for that friend keen on recipes, like a bottle of POD Garda Trentino extra virgin olive oil. And now, presents have been done!

Christmas shopping on Garda Trentino Events Winter


And if that’s not enough, do you know that doing shopping is (more than therapeutic, isn’t it ladies?) also affordable? Oh yes, it’s true. Thanks to the “Xtra Card” Fidelity Card you could participate in a ballot to win immediate prizes to be spent by 31.12.2016, and also an amazing final prize: a trip to Barcelona for 2!

I didn’t need much to bring me round, I should admit it. I am ready to take on my “tour” by now. And what about you? Don’t worry, if your husband sniffs at your shopping, you could use the old excuse “Darling, I don’t know what I can dress on!”

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