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the Christmas markets in Arco, on Lake Garda
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the Christmas markets in Arco: Nordic tradition, Habsburg vibes and warm golden lights.

Cinnamon smell around the streets, warm lights and Nordic vibes in a wonderful Habsburg setting, inheritance of the Austro-Hungarian Empire: the Christmas markets in Arco, on Lake Garda, will be open for you from the 18th of November 2016 to the 6th of January 2017.

Can you resist to magic of Christmas? The only possible answer is… no!

It will be rather impossible not to be completely involved in the cheerful mood of the Arco Christmas markets (maybe aided by by some extra glasses of mulled wine (call it vin brüle as well)) ! Away from the “ado” of the famous markets all around the region, let yourself be overwhelmed by the perfumes and colours of the most longed-for celebration in the year.


Come and experience it here by us! You could also buy some presents to place under the Christmas tree! Games for the little ones, culinary delicacies to buy (from polenta di Storo to typical cold cuts and cheeses, to bread and sweets) or taste (do you know strauben?) or local handicraft to make made-in-Trentino presents.

If you haven’t already had time to decorate the Christmas tree, you can appreciate and buy some decorations to make your fir even more gleaming! If you start shivering for the bitter winter cold while strolling out, what can be better than sipping a bombardino in addition to the already mentioned mulled wine? It’s a real “bomb” made of eggs, sugar, alcohol and a lot of whipped cream!

Overlooking your walk, there it is, the castle of Arco, dating back to the 12th century, a proper symbol for the town, that makes your stroll even more pleasant. Gleaming stalls, historical buildings lit by snow crystals or sentences beamed on several buildings warming the heart and setting the mood.

For the little ones there is also a ride on the sightseeing train (ok, we like it as well!) or on the donkey. Walking around, if you get to Via Stranfora don’t miss the distinctive nativity scene; you will appreciate it among the perched-on alleys around Arco!

And if you are here during the December 8 bank holiday, enjoy the fireworks display that enlightens the Arco square with its greatness (decorated with a big Christmas tree on the main square). Everybody waits for the conclusive moment of the “burning castle”, with fireworks colouring the castle red!

Moreover, there is room also for the art. Arco pays homage to the great painter Segantini, who was born here, with a blow-up itinerary that allows you to discover the painter’s works of art. Another homage the town pays is to the air force pioneer Caproni (his death anniversary falls this year), with an art installation explaining how history of the Italian air force has changed thanks to his work.

And if you meet a weird little figure in all this Christmas twinkle, be careful! It could be one of the Christmas gnomes going back home. This year the Parco Arciducale will in fact be turned into a Gnome Park! Starting from there, don’t miss the opportunity to go on a wonderful walk around the olive grove, visiting the belvedere with a beautiful view on Garda Trentino.

A castle, eating and drinking delicacies, sightseeing trains, gnomes and even fireworks, Christmas in Garda Trentino is really a fairy tale! Santa is coming, and is waiting for you in Arco!

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