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Christmas markets in Arco: because Christmas is… a magic atmosphere!

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
mercatino di natale di arco
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In Arco, Christmas gifts you with a warm atmosphere and plays of light that will leave you with your jaw dropped. Stalls full to the brim with local handicraft

This is one of the few facts of life: when November peeps out on the agenda, the Christmas vibes start to take shape.

In Garda Trentino, glittering and warm coloured lights turns a territory magic. A territory that is alive not only in summer, but also in winter it is able to give moments of joy and pure happiness like the Christmas markets!

And as some panettone starts to pop up (by the way, have you already tried the one with the POD plums from Dro sold by the Agraria in Riva del Garda?!)  and inside the houses the first lights twinkle, here goes the Christmas markets blooming in all their glory!

And everything seems to make sense again. The real spirit of Christmas begins to be felt and in the best possible way, in Arco!

The Christmas markets, the ultimate destination for a weekend of shopping and street food

Christmas markets in Arco: because Christmas is... a magic atmosphere! Tips

On Friday, the 17th November 2017, the markets will open and the towns begins to transform. The magic of Christmas will guide Arco until Jan, the 7th 2018 from 10 am to 7 pm (on Saturdays until 8 pm). Here you have all the detailed info.

What is waiting for you in Arco?

The thousands hints of a Christmas time rich in local traditions and in Habsburg memories, tidbits such as local cheese and cold cuts, but also typical handicraft and decorations for your home! Souvenirs and gifts to place under the Christmas tree to make your loving ones happy. And after so much shopping… you’ll need to put something in your tummy as well! Go ahead then with a good handful of roast chestnuts, a glass of fumy mulled wine and maybe a strauben cake to end in style! (don’t ask me what it is, come and taste it!)

And while mummy is busy with doing shopping, no worries, a ride on the sightseeing train or the meek donkey will be pure Christmas joy for the kids!

And what about dad? Maybe he is keen on arts, and so here is the not-to-be-missed exhibition for him, inside one of the buildings symbol of the Habsburg aristocracy, Palazzo Marchetti: “Segantini copiato Da Giovanni Monti”, from the 17th November to the 14th January 2018.

Anyway, stay all together on the 9th December 2017 for the fireworks display.

Moonlight and fireworks, straight out from the medieval castle of Arco, that will light up the Christmas markets and the historical town centre.

There will be also room for the crib art. Lots of handmade cribs will be in fact displayed in the medieval hamlet of Stranfora, among alleys and vaults. To breath the authentic Christmas atmosphere, as in the cave of Betlehem!

The Arco Christmas markets is not only a chance to live Christmas all together in its greatest expression. It is also a real immersion in its deepest meaning: the joy to be here to enjoy the most long-awaited holiday in the year, with the heart full of love in one of the most beautiful places all over the world!

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