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choosing Garda con Gusto – Carne Salada & co.?

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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In November, a festival is celebrated to enhance the food and wine excellences of Lake Garda and Trentino as well. But... why? Here we are to explain it to you in this article!

Lake Garda and its taste. A long-lasting love story with a happy ending! On Lake Garda Trentino this successful duo has been celebrated for the last two years, always in November, to kick off a festival called Garda con Gusto- Carne Salada & co.. This year it will be held from the 3rd to the 5th November 2017. 

A real festival of flavours and perfumes which aren’t only from the Altogarda area, but also from Trentino, and among which the indisputable queen of Garda Trentino stands out: the carne salada.

Well okay, but why Garda con Gusto- Carne Salada & co.?

We have been wondering about it for a while, and now we are trying to provide you with one (or more) answers about it.

November is an apparently quiet month, but it hums with the activities for Christmas… and with these good vibes a rich and multifarious issue like the local wine and food traditions has been chosen to be enhanced. Why? To increase the local offering, creating a high-quality wine and food event. And so Garda con Gusto- Carne Salada & co. was born.

The project Vacanze con Gusto (Tasting holidays in Italian) has been up and doing since 2013 (in cooperation with nearby Ledro Valley and Vallagarina) and an event that could offer a unique chance to “taste the territory” including the local wine and food world was lacking.

The spark that has started this wonderful initiative was the carne salada, the first typical product with a De.Co. certification (i.e. locally certified origin), that here goes a bit beyond the municipal borders involving all the municipalities of the Alto Garda e Ledro area. Its main aim is to add value to and protect the local traditions and excellences. Together with the carne salada, also the chestnuts and the chestnut cream from Campi have received the De.Co. brand.

There are lots of products that determine, with their quality, a wine and food offer that is more and more multifarious. These include the green broccoli from Torbole (presided over by Slow Food together with the Vino Santo), the extra virgin olive oil, the IGP farmed and lake fish, the DOP plums from Dro, the red berries, the vegetables, the manyfold wines, the craft beers, the spirits and even more.

choosing Garda con Gusto - Carne Salada & co.? Events

Carpaccio di carne salada

An amazing offer for your mouth that is included in a blur of booths inside the Palameeting venue in Riva del Garda, to live a three-day festival with the unique flavour of the local excellences.

What’s the secret of this festival? The strength in numbers, as an old saying states. And that is true for this event that puts together many local producers, restauranteurs and also the Riva del Garda hospitality school, whose students will be at your beck and call.

Workshops, tasting sessions (this year there will place also for the local sweets, in addition to the carne salada and the lake fish!), cooking shows, and the opportunity to buy directly from the producer: loads of tasty chances.

Because Garda Trentino has always been a place able to produce special raw materials, and Garda con Gusto is a vivid sign of it.

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