The mild Mediterranean climate, thanks to Lake Garda, the beauty of the impressive lush mountains as its backdrop, and some excellent products, wine first. The Garda Trentino inland is a world to be discovered! We are not only talking about landscape beauties, but also real tasting “treasures”. One among the others is, undoubtedly, Bacchus’ nectar: the wine!

Such an area, brushed by winds like the Ora and the Peler, features prestigious vineyards and grapes with a peculiar flavour! Have you ever thought about strolling around discovering the Altogarda inland “with your glass at hand”?! Come and follow me! I will take you on a discovery trip around a sun-kissed area, visiting three producers who are very keen on sun and fertile soil: Pisoni, Pedrotti and Cantina Toblino, on an irresistible Wine Tour!

Azienda Agricola F.lli Pisoni

Half the way between Trento and Riva del Garda, specifically in a tiny village called Pergolese, in the wonderful countryside of the Valle dei Laghi, lies this family-run farm, making light work with many ends! Two cousins, Marco and Stefano, and the same shared passion: the wines! Here, an eco-friendly agricolture is carried on, with some techniques of organic culture, in order to produce a wholly natural wine. A visit to the fabolous family winery is imperative! There you will find red and white organic wines without any sulphites added, and also the Vino Santo – a special type of wine which is a triumph of aromas and perfumes from the Trentino land!

Cantina Toblino

Did you know that? The native grape varieties in Trentino are three: the Nosiola, which the precious Vino Santo is taken from (the Trentino Vino Santo is the one with the longest natural drying in the whole world: (6/7 months), the Marzemino and the Teroldego from the Piana Rotaliana area. In addition, Trentino has given birth also to the Italian classic method with the Trentodoc sparkling wine. Inside the Cantina Toblino in Calavino, Sarche, which is very cosy and beautifully equipped with wooden furniture, it’s a real pleasure to taste some good glasses of wine, maybe together with some scrumptious local cheese or cold cuts! Besides the wine bar and the Osteria (a sort of tavern), you will also find a wide choice of excellent food and wine products, to take back home with you as a souvenir!

Cheering on Lake Garda Trentino: the top wines and producers from our area Food and wine

the Trentino Vino Santo is the one with the longest natural drying in the whole world: (6/7 months)

Azienda Agricola Gino Pedrotti

“It’s necessary to live easily and conceive greatly”. That’s precisely the Cantina Pedrotti’s philosophy! Only few steps from Lake Cavedine, this winery has the simplicity and the authenticity as its own strengths. The Pedrotti vino santo is my favourite among all their wines: It’s the Trentino sweet wine par excellence. At the origin of this little masterpiece is a native white grape, i.e. the Nosiola. But also grappa and excellent wines are not less worthing. A jump into this tiny spot of nature is imperative!

Would you like to have an idea to spend a whole different spring day? Jump on a bike and go on a discovery tour of the Altogarda inland wineries, among life, vineyards and wine. Have a look at our Holiday Offer, including 2 biking excursions to be chosen and a round of drinks in one of these wineries!

Are you ready to cheer?

November 1-2-3, 2019 – Garda con Gusto Gourmet Experience – Riva del Garda

A Weekend to Savour: Garda con Gusto is the unmissable wine and food event on Lake Garda in Trentino.
A truly Gourmet Experience! The region’s products will be interpreted and their stories told by the local producers, chefs and restaurateurs, together with new internationally acclaimed starred chefs, food bloggers, wine and food journalists, sommeliers and by the region itself, which can be visited and enjoyed over the entire weekend.