Two super climbing champions open their hearts and reveal their secrets. Who are we talking about? Well, about him, the Garda Trentino climbing Ambassador Adam Ondra, and about Stefano Ghisolfi, a champion from the national team.

Adam Ondra is the only athlete in the world to have won the world title both in the Boulder and the Lead categories. Climber of the first 9b+ ever. Just to tell you something!

Not only: a few days, our Ambassador climbed the 9c route for the first time in the world! A real champion, both inside and outside the sport field, a down-to-earth and well-determined guy we had the lucky chance to meet here.

Stefano Ghisolfi is a national team champion. In the World Cup stages he has almost always been among the final eight, and he has already got the first place twice.

He has opened the first 9b in Italy and on the Massone cliff in Arco. These are the “technical” details, but everybody knows that without perseverance, determination and enthusiasm some peaks can’t be reached, and Stefano and Adam are the most vivid signs of that!


Would you like to meet two great champions like Adam and Stefano? You could do it on the 30th September from 9.30 am in the temple of modern climbing, the Climbing Stadium RockMaster. There, the two famous climbers will open up and reveal the secrets that have made them famous worldwide!


After some great chatting, the Champions Challenge will get going. Starting from 2.30 pm, a free shuttle bus will take you from the Foro Boario parking in Arco to the Pueblo cliff in Massone (and back once the show is over), where it will be possible to appreciate Adam and Stefano‘s warm-up session from 3.30 pm. Later on, you could watch them climbing a route over grade 9!

Straight after their exhibitions, there will be place for pics and autographs with the champions, as for you to have an unforgettable memory with two climbing gurus.


Starting from 8.30 pm, a lively and passionate meeting with the two champions will take place! Both the human and the sport side blend to kick off a compelling face-to-face interview with Adam and Stefano. We are sure you will get your fill of vitality, emotion and enthusiasm, the same things these two champions use to defy the peaks and the rocks of Garda Trentino, as only two great athletes are able to do!