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Champions Challenge: the climbing contest between the champions who have Garda Trentino in their heart!

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Getting to know the climbing discipline and the splendors of Garda Trentino thanks to a spectacular challenge between the champions. The "Champions Challenge" is waiting for you in Arco, the climbing paradise, on October, the 13th 2018.

Imagine two big international climbing champions with a piece of heart in Garda Trentino. Dream to watch them calling out in a duel with sweat, muscles, perseverance, concentration and enthusiasm.

That’s not a reverie, it’s a reality you’ll have the chance to live at the Champions Challenge next month, on October, the 13th 2018.

Save the date because on that day Adam Ondra, the only athlete in the world to have won the bouldering and lead world title, as well as the Ambassador of Garda Trentino, and Stefano Ghisolfi, top athlete of the Italian national team and protagonist of the World Championship finals in the last years, will call out on a not-to-be-missed day heads up.

A day to be remembered with the champions

Two great climbing champions are ready to strike your chord and share all the ingredients of their success with you.

The Champions Challenge will set off at 9.30 in the morning in the best way possible, in the climbing realm. In Arco, in that temple of modern climbing that is the Rock Master Climbing Stadium, Adam and Stefano will reveal their supporters some little secrets to improve their training sessions in the gym or on the artificial faces!

It will continue at 3.30 pm in the wonderful location of the Pueblo cliff in Massone di Arco. Here we will watch Adam and Stefano in the highlight of their activity, their physical and mental training, the warming up, the study, the view and the top concentration before a show that will be highly demanding: the ascent of a route higher than the 9th grade!

A free shuttle bus service will be available from the Foro Boario parking lot in Arco to the cliff just for this event.

A great night with the champions: the night show

At 8.30 it will be time for a thrilling end of the day with the big climbing champions: the night show will be in fact held in a special location: the Rock Master Climbing Stadium in Arco. Here the two champions will call out on a difficult route specifically conceived for this event, and after that they will meet their numerous supporters and the climbing lovers.

During the night the challenge and the last feats of the two special champions will be discussed. It will be possible to know lots of ins and outs and have some info which are little known about their activity directly from them, also thanks to some videos to end this unique sport and show day in the “Home of Climbing” in style.

The Garda Trentino region is one of the best places for climbing (both on rock and artificial!) worldwide and thanks to its unopposed beauties and natural coves it offers some natural practice cliffs which are perfect for all the climbing lovers. The Champions Challenge event and the love of these two great champions for the region are its most exciting signs!

Stay tuned with the Champions Challenge! Check out the website to keep up on potential changes.

Let the challenge begin, as in the best western traditions… try to have a look at this video! 

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