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Canoeing and Stand up paddle surfing on Lake Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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canoeing or practicing Sup (Stand up paddle surfing) in Garda Trentino between the lake waves and the Ora wind.

3 words to define the funniest summer sport, that you can practice in Garda Trentino. What?

Stand up paddle surfing

Stand up paddle surfing, better known as Sup. There are plenty of water sports you can try on Lake Garda, from windsurfing (after all, this area is world-famous because of its winds!) to scuba-diving, from canoeing, to Stand up paddle surfing, indeed.

In the last few years this activity has become more and more famous and has moved billions of athletes and normal people. This sport doesn’t need any special physical training, only a desire of relaxation and… a bit of balance!

Stand up paddle surfing is a variation of surfing where boarders stand on their boards and use a paddle (and a bit of stamina!) to propel themselves through the most beautiful Garda Trentino courses, towards Riva del Garda or Torbole, pushed by the overwhelming desire of fresh air after a long winter!

Canoeing and Stand up paddle surfing on Lake Garda Trentino Outdoor

What are the benefits of this sport? Several! The balance improves, both arms and abs (essential to balance the body) get trained, it allows you to admire totally different perspectives, views or spots, it helps you relaxing while burning off some calories and… you get tanned! A light diving suit is surely necessary, but the exposed body parts and the face will get a wonderful golden skin tone!

Canoeing on Lake Garda Trentino

Meanwhile, canoeing is another sport that has been moving thousands of tourists from all over the world for years, as a “classical everlasting sport”!

This outdoor sport has always moved billions of tourists who choose to discover the crystal clear waters of Lake Garda, comfortably seated in a canoe, making the most out of the hours when Lake Garda is flat.

In this way, it is possible to find out remote spots and sun-kissed rocky bays, where many birds and fish settle in, looking curiously at humans.

Canoe uses the arm energy, their stamina and staying power when, stroke after stroke, it leads you to real pieces of heaven.
Although Sup has lately overcome the old “canoeing”, this last one won’t surely be dropped out!

A funny and exciting programme will let you visit and discover Lake Garda at its fullest. How? Canoeing, on a Sup board, windsurfing, or maybe with your scuba tank to discover a different Lake Garda you’d never expect, submerged and mysterious.

Whatever the outdoor water activity you would carry out, Garda Trentino will be able to guide you to discover it stroke after stroke, no doubt about that. And you couldn’t definitely say it won’t have moved you, as you were kids again. A proper “game”, good for you and your health. And as Schiller stated: “Man is only completely a man when he plays”, then here in Garda Trentino going back to your childhood is a piece of cake!

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