Stalls that cling to the steep alleys of those hamlets where time seems to stand still and the beauty of the past lives forever. This is Christmas time in Canale di Tenno and Rango: expressing the real meaning of the holiday everybody waits for all year round, it is also characterized by the magic of an authentic Christmas atmosphere at the same time.

The markets in these two wonderful hamlets, members of “The Most Beautiful Hamlets in Italy” club, convey the essence of Christmas at its fullest (what’s more, each weekend another Italian hamlet will offer its products).

Some good vibes far from the glint of the sparkling stalls in the most famous markets in Trentino. Here, the vaults, the alleys and the courtyards get crowded with local handicraft, products made by local hobbyists and presents to place under the Christmas tree which smell of passion and love.

The same feeling transmitted by those who created these objects, welcoming the visitors at every glimpse, in every hidden corner around the stone alleys among wooden balconies and warm Christmas lights.

The party atmosphere fills the ascending alleys of this little enchanted hamlet and the stalls full of typical local products and handicraft offer to the visitors.

And if you think Christmas in Canale ends with Santa coming on the 25th, you are completely wrong! On the 26th you will be affected by the living nativity scene, where you could see characters from the Christian tradition flesh and blood.



In Tenno it is rather impossible not to taste the most typical dish: carne salada e fasoi. An old food prepared already in the 1500s, it will characterise your tour around the markets, reinvigorating and preparing you for another… Christmas tour! Where? In Rango! A little cute hamlet carved in the mountains: old woodsheds, big courtyards, small windows and wooden arcades: the smell of the past gives Christmas an even more authentic fascination here. The cold is bitter and so… it’s time to hole up in some vaulted taverns to rest up tasting a good hot stock with Knoedeln or tripe, orzotto, polenta carbonera, local cheeses and cold cuts, cakes and many other delicacies. Because Christmas gives always an excellent excuse to taste some traditional food without feeling any guilt!

Anyway, this holiday is specifically for the little ones! And kids will have fun in Rango in the hamlet kid workshop and in the game room, but also riding a little donkey. Everybody is waiting for Santa Lucia on the 13th and for Santa on the 20th: sweets and surprises for each one of us.

If Christmas means tradition, fascination of the past and historical places for you as well, you can’t miss the Canale di Tenno and Rango Christmas markets: clocks stand still in these villages but Santa is already there, waiting for you. Write down the dates: 3rd, 4th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 17th and 18th of December for a visit to Canale; as for Rango, also on the 26th and 27th, from 10 am to 6.30 pm.