The TOP event of the European mountain biking season will be real soon!

Are you getting ready? Are you waiting in trepidation? In Garda Trentino we are “warming up our engine”, sorry, our bikes better to say, and in this article we will take the lid off some lulus and little (but interesting) sneak previews to make you live the upcoming emotion of the 2019 Bike Festival in Riva del Garda.

The news of the 2019 Bike Festival

For this 26th anniversary (we have hit even this target!!) more than 4,5000 visitors and over 3,000 athletes are awaited. From the 3th to the 5th May the whole Garda Trentino will get the colours of the two-wheel emotions.

One of the most noteworthy moments of the mountain-biking season opening will be the big Expo Area, with more than 150 exhibitors and some 300 brands!

Enthusiasts, go wild! Our partners will offer you the chance to try out different bicycles and brand new products from the two-wheel world. In addition, every visitor can participate in some lotteries or purchase some products at reduced prices (that’s an excellent excuse to go shopping!)

A not-to-be-missed moment for the visitors is undoubtedly the Open Night on Saturday, from 7pm to 10.30 pm at the Expo area. The entrance is free.

Well, we were actually speaking about some juicy news, and here you have a short list:

Ghost Recon Ride.
Every participant gets a map on which 8 landmarks and so called action stations will be marked. There funny challenges are waiting for the participants to be done in a given period of time.

Rocky Mountain Bike Marathon.
This year the Rocky Mountain Bike Marathon, the sport highlight of the FS Trentino Garda Festival Bike will be even more funny and exciting. The route will present a change in the part that leads from San Giovanni to Padaro along the bike route 769.

The start and the finish area will be in the beautiful city center of Arco again.

Freestyle Air Show.
There are some news also for the Garda Trentino Freestyle Air Show, that will be held both on Friday and on Saturday on Piazza Garibaldi with diverse exhibitions: from bikes to scooters!

Doble party!
As for celebrations, better double them! And this year there will be in fact two parties, one after the other: on Saturday night with the Open Night from 7 to 10.30 pm at the Expo Area, and from 10.30 pm with the Ryder’s Party.

Scott Junior Trophy.
Little champions are growing old! The Scott Junior Trophy is a race for the whole family, and gives every participant the opportunity to be a winner and win the magic of the competition as a real champion (getting also a medal as a beautiful memory of this amazing two-wheel experience!)

These are just some of the juiciest news of the 2019 Bike Festival. For all the info, don’t miss the website, where you will find all the details and the full programme. And now, you only need to start cycling with your phantasy. The most long-awaited biking event all over Europe is about to become reality on the Garda Trentino shores!