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Bike & ferryboat. The perfect couple to discover Lake Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Garda Trentino is the perfect place for amazing rides by bike. If you want to best enjoy this place and observe it from a distance, why don’t you take the ferry boat? Well, we tried it for you!

From Riva del Garda to Torbole by ferryboat and back by bike!

When the sun shines and you have a huge lake and a city bike with you, what do you get? Well, unforgettable emotions, I dare say!

We lived such a day at Lake Garda Trentino. Spring was already in the air and a fresh breeze was caressing our face.

Towards Torbole

Our day began at the Info point in Riva del Garda where we bought the Trentino Guest Card. We bought this useful card there, but you can get it for free at your hotel.

Show this card and you can freely travel by all public means of transports – trains in Trentino are included –, visit museums, castles and main events.
From April 1st, with Trentino Guest Card you can travel from Riva to Torbole or viceversa by ferryboat for free and you can even carry your bike (from or to). Otherwise, you can use your card to get an about 40% discount on the daily ferryboat ticket (north lake) where you can always carry your bike.

To begin our tour, we rented our bikes in our of the many bike rentals. We went to Viale Dante at Energia Bike, where Alberto were waiting for us.

To go towards the port, we could feel a carefree atmosphere. The streets of Riva del Garda full of shops, the squares full of cafés where you can enjoy your cup of coffee staring at the surrounding landscape. We crossed Piazza 3 Novembre and rode towards Limone. We got to Piazza Catena. Here dock the ferryboats ready to carry you to numerous destinations! We decided to leave for Torbole and to come back by bike, but you can leave for many other destinations and choose several crafts such as the fast hydrofoils or the slower motor vessels to enjoy the panorama.

We carried our bike onto the Motonave San Martino. The journey lasts only 12 minutes… a short but amazing one!

From the lake, the coast looks like a painting. The mountains look even higher and get bizarre silhouettes like Monte Baldo that looks like a cap. You feel tiny in front of them. You feel good under the sun. You feel good while looking at the horizon. This experience deserves it!

From Torbole to Riva del Garda by citybike

We got down the motor vessel and began to ride. Pay attention, because the cycle path does not start from the pier of Torbole but a little farther, after Casa del Dazio, the headquarters of the ancient Austrian customs.

In Torbole, the Ora – the strong wind blowing from the north – was our cycling mate while we admired the lake and the historical points of interest of Garda Trentino. For example, the Bastione was calling us from a distance. Unique. Riding from Porto San Nicolò, we observed the beauty and majesty of Forte San Nicolò – you can also take a break here and drink fresh water at the fountain at Porto San Nicolò. History, culture and nature. Garda Trentino gives its best when you discover it by bike!

Finally we got to Riva, after a 20-minute ride. So comfortable, so beautiful.

This easy route is suitable for families and it is very romantic and panoramic, so try it with your partner.

If you want to share with us your bike &boat route, take a picture and post it on our social media channels with the hashtag #gardatrentino!

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