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Awesome blooming over Lake Garda Trentino. Monte Baldo and its beauties

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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There is no spring without Mother Nature’s show. When the flower blossom, the view becomes amazing and here, at Garda Trentino, a mount expresses a rainbow of colours: Monte Baldo.

Looking at it from a distance, it looks like a huge rectangle from Trentino to Veneto, overlooking Lake Garda for about 40 kilometres. It is Monte Baldo, the undisputed king of the mounts around Garda. Its name derives from the Langobardic word “wald” which means forest. A paradise of colours that in spring can show their best nuances.

If you love trekking, you must go trekking on this mount during your holiday at Garda Trentino, especially in spring.

Not a case, the variety of plant life of Baldo conferred it the nickname “Hortus Europae”. And it couldn’t be different.

In March and for the whole spring, Lake Garda Trentino shows its most beautiful colours thanks to the stunning blooming. At Monte Baldo, the first flowers to blossom in spring are the narcissus, tulips and wisteria. Marvellous colours and perfumes everywhere. Spring is the best place to visit such a place with your family so your children can discover what our precious nature can expresses in this beautiful season.

Despite Monte Baldo only covers the 0.2% of the alpine surface, it hosts three endemic species. For this reason, many researchers, botanists and scientists have visited Monte Baldo for centuries. Not only. This incredible “balcony” over Garda also houses many species of animals that come back to surface after the long hibernation, such as the marmots! Try to lie in silent wait and you may take some pictures to them!

In spring, the Mediterranean climate of Lake Garda is warm and, thanks to the fragrant flowers, you will feel on cloud nine.

Spring trek on Monte Baldo

A spring day is always the perfect day to visit Monte Baldo. You can take the cableway from Malcesine to reach the top – in few minutes, its rotating cabins will carry you to almost 1,800 metres. Otherwise, you can wear the proper equipment and leave for a trek, better if with a botanist or an expert guide, but you can walk on your own – please be careful, anyway! The colourful view will enchant you. The Tourist Office of Garda Trentino organizes unforgettable trekking programs from April to October. Ask the office points for all info and registration details to take part in the trek to Monte Baldo.

Awesome blooming over Lake Garda Trentino. Monte Baldo and its beauties Outdoor Spring
trekking,Giampaolo Calzà

Have you ever seen the mountain wild orchids? And the primroses? Bellflowers, rare lilies and many other flowers that will really amaze you.

If you love the botany, Monte Baldo is your place – a workshop in the open air to discover medicinal herbs but also… many poisonous plants!

After a long walk, at the top of Monte Baldo you can take a break at the mountain restaurant and taste delicious typical food.

After the carne salada and a glass of local wine, you can even go paragliding if you are brave enough!

Please keep in mind that on Monte Baldo there are two protected area where it is forbidden to pick up flowers and fruit, to light fires, to ride bikes and to walk the dog. Please get well informed before leaving for a hike on this mount.

Be curious, because this place will pay you back with its extraordinary natural beauty. Monte Baldo, the spring and Mother Nature will amaze you so much!

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