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Autumn weekend in Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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When nature gets some amber hints to leave the place to the new season, Garda Trentino doesn't stop striking our chord and revealing itself in all its beauty. Come and find it out over an autumn weekend.

From a bike tour (without too much sweat) to a mountain hiking, from a tasty event to a tour in the wineries looking for new wine experiences. The weekend is intended to live the meeting with the beauty of a region like Garda Trentino, and with the charm of a season, the autumn, that is as good as summer and is able to give some moments of amazing romanticism, relaxation and even the chance to get some excellent chromotherapy! (Don’t you believe that? Come and have a look around the Garda Trentino woods!).

Autumn biking

Autumn is the season of the chestnuts, the grape harvest, the country festivals, the leaves that turn yellow and of the first jumpers protecting from the crisp night air. But this season is also ideal to bike! In autumn, the pace improves by bike. The heat leaves space to the coziness and the vitality seems to increase more and more. The excessive cold is faraway, and so it’s time to go on some easy bike tours like the tour of the Altogarda towns, or of the cycle routes that lead to Lake Garda, or also some mountain bike ways.

Have you ever tried the thrill of reaching the top of Mount Brione by mountain bike? This is a bikeway dedicated to the history lovers, keen on the Great War, the forts and the exciting glimpses. At every bend (some pretty demanding!) you’ll meet some breathtaking views on Lake Garda, and you’ll live the emotion of seeing the woods turning from green to amber. The bikeway is part of the MTB itineraries of the Great War and will help you biking and experience the history at the same time!

Treks and hiking kissed by the autumn sun

Scorching landscapes and mild temperatures: autumn on Lake Garda is the perfect season for some sweet panoramic treks, but also for some proper hiking excursions.

Being you thrilled by the easy or the most demanding paths, the autumn will provide you with some ideal weekends to go hiking diving into nature!

An easy path that will give you a real full immersion into the autumn season is undoubtedly the Bosco Caproni one. Five kilometers of unspoilt nature for a footpath into the green that will hold out a “summary” of the different historic facts that have left a mark on Garda Trentino. You will in fact cross the oolite mines worked by the miners in the past, as well as the trenches from the Great War. You will dive into a path revealing some traces of the twentieth-century history being surrounded by the amazing nature!

Autumn is… time for grape harvest!

The wine producers in Garda Trentino are lots, and all worth knowing and appreciating! If you’d like to pay them a visit, what about letting yourself be tempted by Bacchus and its delicacies in one of the several local wineries? (link) Many of them are open all year round and organize tasting sessions and guided tours to better appreciate mother nature’s gifts that turn into real delicacies with their skillful hands! In autumn popping in one of the wineries is even more exciting! Before the grape harvest the fruits full of juice and natural sugar glimmer and shine. Nosiola, Chardonnay, Merlot and other varieties become the grapes to watch and taste in a warm and captivating environment!

If food is your passion, remember that you can buy (and maybe also book) all the typical products of the Alto Garda region, but also tie into delicious tasting, guided tours, theme menus and much more!

Tasting autumn

Autumn weekend in Garda Trentino Autumn Outdoor

Maybe it’s because of the crisp air, the perfume of the must and the sugar fruits like grapes overwhelming with their smell, or maybe it’s because of the irresistible hot chestnuts and the fact that autumn has a lot of tasty products, but this season is a real synonym for taste! The grape harvests are the occasions to renew the bond with the soil and feel part of the nature, but also to taste a good glass of wine together with the local delicacies. The occasion could be an autumn event like Garda con Gusto Gourmet Experience. This year the event turns into a proper experience in the spirit of taste and the food and wine excellences from Trentino. A special attention will be given to the region holding the kermesse, Garda Trentino, that will help us savour the traditions.

Autumn weekend in Garda Trentino Autumn Outdoor

Autumn may be tasted thanks to the Menu d’Oro as well. In September and October some menus dedicated to this rich tempting season are offered by our Restaurants! Let’s taste the flavours and the dishes of the local cuisine prepared by our chefs with some traditional genuine products!

Maybe your holidays have just gone, but autumn is the perfect occasion to run away from the daily routine, to live a weekend in Garda Trentino marked by the slow rhythm of this season when we delicately taste the life as it was one of its fruits.

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