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Autumn menu in Lake Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
Autumn menu in Lake Garda Trentino
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In September, the Garda Golden September - End of Summer Wonders menus are waiting for you!

The sun is still up in the sky, the rays of sunshine still heat you up but less intensely, the vegetation all around is still green and lush, the perfumes of seasonal fruits change and gradually become more intense. It’s September, the month that marks the transition to autumn, the month that celebrates the grapes and its nectar, so precious for Bacchus.

The grape harvest is the absolute protagonist of the month, the must perfume melts with the sweat of those people who cultivate the land with passion and dedication to harvest the grapes. Grapes that will be the raw material for luxury DOC wines and spumante.

After being cultivated promptly, the land produces food excellences as the POD plums from Dro and the red berries; the results are drinking and eating delicacies. Where? In Garda Trentino! The mouth gets high on the taste of all those delicacies you could savour during a… tasting holiday.

Within this project, managed by Garda Trentino S.p.A together with the Strada del Vino e dei Sapori del Trentino organisation, the local restaurateurs offer specific menus dedicated to the ongoing month. In September, the Garda Golden September – End of Summer Wonders menus are waiting for you!

Autumn menu in Lake Garda Trentino Autumn Food and wine

The dishes are prepared with care and love, using seasonal local materials in a proper food tribute to Garda Trentino! During this month over two warm and enchanting seasons, as summer and autumn are, the POD plum from Dro is unarguably in the spotlight.

An ancient local violet fruit with a peculiar green-yellowish solid pulp that is suitable for many dishes under our restauranteurs’ skillful hands, enhancing both its taste and perfume. Moreover, red berries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries will be in the spotlight, giving intense colours and wood perfumes to both dishes and mise en place.

A tasting holiday is what you need after having practised outdoor sports in the hottest season; maybe water sports on the crest of the waves of a lake ruffled by the Ora wind, or also a mountain bike ride on one of the several mountain trails which lead to unopposed panoramic peaks.

Whatever is the outdoor activity you have practised in Garda Trentino, it is worth being celebrated through the five senses, in a heap of autumn perfumes that anticipate what you are about to eat! Some carne salada moistened by Garda extra virgin olive oil, trouts and arctic chars prepared with delicate and perfumed pairings, honey and fruits to end the meal in style.

Everything matched with exquisite wines (have you already tried the sweet vino santo?) made renowned by producers who are more and more on the watch for quality.

Whatever your eating preferences, choose among the several Golden September End of Summer Wonders menus, available both for lunch and dinner (in some businesses, only at dinner), comprising of both cover charge and listed food and drinks (please note that the offer may be subject to change). Be ready then to start off this journey in search for the authentic Garda Trentino taste and its food excellences, a holiday that tastes good!

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