Author: Isabelle Yrma Pace

Windsurfing on Lake Garda with Bruno Martini

Bruno Martini, born in 1993 from Trentino ancestry, has in his eyes (deep blue as the waters of Lake Garda) all the passion for a sport, windsurfing, he has been practicing since he was 8. He is the brand new testimonial of Garda Trentino of this sport, which has the allure of a discipline that is synonym for freedom and challenge against the waves firstly, but mainly against yourself! Combining competition and good sportsmanship in a perfect mix, Bruno is already wound up to compete in the most important Italian windsurfing contest of the year: the Windsurf Grand Slam...

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Mountain refuges – Garda Lake Trentino

Looking up at sunrise and sunset, observing the stars shining up in the sky, enjoying the landscape of an awe-inspiring lake from the top of a breathtaking peak after a long hike into the woods and finally, taking delight in the refuge hospitality! Garda Trentino offers several facilities at different altitude, depending on how much you are up to challenge the peaks! From Rifugio San Pietro (Mount Calino) at 1000 meters above the sea level, to Capanna Grassi and Rifugio Pernici (Bocca di Trat), passing through Rifugio Prospero Marchetti (Mount Stivo) and Malga San Giovanni (San Giovanni), until reaching...

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It doesn’t matter if you are a dreaming tourist searching for happiness or a dweller of these evocative places, in any case Lake Garda is worth observing, breathing and loving from different perspectives! Or even better, different… tours! (You can choose here your excursion). Strolling around in the nature, having fun in many amusement parks, getting to know the celebrities from the past in real literary walks, but enjoying also several food and wine tours, learning history and Great War! All these opportunities in a unique framework lapped by the clear lake waters where segments of wild coast interchange...

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Canyoning on Lake Garda – A breath-taking sport

Canyoning is one of those sports which keeps with bated breath both those who practice it and the ones who suspiciously peer at it while comfortably sprawling amid the nature. Actually, this activity, which consists in descending creeks flowing inside rocky canyons, should not be considered a dangerous sport if practiced with the right preparation and equipment, as it happens in the Garda Trentino area. How is the descent carried out? On foot: the only support you have is a rope which helps you not to fall down! The creeks which run down these marvelous mountains are perfect to...

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Notte di fiaba 2016 Riva del Garda – Aladdin Lamp

More than sixty years of traditions for the most enchanted night of Garda Trentino! Notte di Fiaba is a not-to-be-missed event that symbolically brings the summer season to an end, giving both adults and kids the opportunity to live in a fairytale for four days. Actually, the venue of the event, Riva del Garda, is already an enchanted place, but during the Fairytale Night everybody feels like a knight or a princess! Or rather genies, this year! The chosen topic for 2016 is in fact Aladdin and the Magic Lantern. Who doesn’t have a couple of those childhood wishes...

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Hiking Route Santa Lucia Torbole Lake Garda

The smell of the olive trees, the birds singing, the rustle of the wind touching your skin. You are crossing the Santa Lucia trail! One of the most exciting strolls you can experience among the manyfold tracks suggested in our leaflet for families; if you want to, you can read it for free and bring it with you to fully breath the atmosphere of this unique area. This trail was the ancient communication route between Lake Garda and the Adige Valley. The history of this wild dale among the overhanging Penede rocks and the Brae ridge (quoted from the...

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Lake Garda beaches

Crystal clear water, the Ora (it’s a wind which comes from the Po valley and starts to blow around midday) which brushes your skin, green mountains that seem like hugging and cuddling. The good season has finally come. Are you ready to arm yourself with sunscreens, panama (a really must-have this year!) and a book? Where are we going? To the beach, of course. Garda Trentino offers several free beaches to enjoy yourself in each single moment of the day. Early in the morning, when the heat is not so intense, the lake is flat and the water is...

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Lake Garda foodie holiday

Holidays, yes, but… with taste! The Garda Trentino district fascinates you not only because of its breathtaking views, but also thanks to its excellent products we have already dealt with here. In cooperation with Consorzio Valle di Ledro and Apt Rovereto and Vallagarina, the project Vacanze con gusto (literally, “Holidays with a Taste”) reaches its fourth edition this year. It enhances this precious food and wine resources aiming at developing both the quality and the offer of the local tourism industry. The several businesses in this program guarantee not only the origin of the products (rigorously local), but mainly...

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Family Rock Climbing Holidays on Lake Garda

Who said that a family can’t jump into a sport like climbing? Contrary to common thought, practicing climbing is not only a privilege for fit adults (even if, let’s admit it my beloved married or unmarried readers, it’s not so bad looking at some hunky athletes scrabbling along staggering heights!) More and more kids are getting into this sport. Starting from 4-5 years old, this activity is very useful to improve both the visual acuity and the coordination skills. So, why not taking the opportunity to practice this sport all together as a family in Garda Trentino? What do...

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